Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Quick morning style routine

In the few minutes I get to shower and dress in the morning, I have a routine that lets me look good and save time. I'll share it with you here, please add any other time-saving tips you have in the comments.
The night before I usually decide on 2 outfits, one for bad, one for good weather. Even if the whole outfit isn't decided on, I choose for example "Tomorrow I'll wear my brown boots with tights and my floral shorts and some pullover" (bad weather), or "I'll wear my skinny jeans with my Blondie print vest and some sandals", so I know where I'm heading when it comes to looking for clothes in the morning.

Morning routine:
In Shower: Shampoo hair, rinse and apply conditioner.
Brush teeth and shave legs if needed (using conditioner as shaving cream)
Rinse out conditioner
Dry body and wrap hair in towel turban.
Apply olive oil / vitamin e oil to dry skin (more on this in a beauty post to follow)
Apply deodorant (stick variety, no drying time)
Unwrap hair, comb it out and tie up, apply moisturiser
Dress (2 minutes)
Makeup (2 minutes max, see my video below)
You could do this in 15 minutes, if you have everything to hand.

Just before leaving the house I put on shoes, check a full length mirror.
My two bags of the season are in the hall, I swap the contents if needed, make sure I have both kids (not joking!), keys, money, phone, and away we go.

If my husband's not there to watch the kids, it's the same routine, but there's a baby lying in a baby nest on the floor of the bathroom, I'm singing / talking to him as he flaps his arms, and the 3 year old is wandering from bedroom to bathroom being Batman. This is where deciding the outfit the night before is key. You'll have no brain power to co-ordinate when you're being the Joker.

Here's the best beauty secret ever, an oil cleanser- I swear by it! Fast, cheap and effective!

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