Tuesday, 27 September 2011


All moms want to look good. As good as or even better than you did before you became a mom. But now you've less time, less money, more wobbly bits and more demands on your time, so how do you keep looking stylish? A common misconception about breastfeeding is that it is more demanding and you have less time to yourself than if you formula feed. Yes, you need to keep your baby close to feed "on request" (so much better term than "on demand"!), but your baby will be healthier, happier, and therefore so will you.

If you're a follower of "Gina Ford", a watcher of the clock, a routine-loving, sleep-training, controlled-crying, "I'll see how the breastfeeding goes, there's always the bottle of formula in the cupboard", "I'm not letting the baby rule my life" kind of parent this blog will probably challenge some of your beliefs. Please read on and see there is another way to do things that benefits both you and your baby. Babies don't set out to manipulate you or rule your life/cramp your style. Your job as a parent is to protect and nurture your infant. Keep that in mind when you are at your wits end, and decide do you
a. close that door on them so you can't hear their cries or do you
b. hold them to your warm breast so they can get the comfort they need.
Babies don't "want" anything, they just "need", and your job is to satisfy their basic needs for food and comfort. If you do that you are doing right by your baby.

I came upon "attachment parenting" (hate the label, but it fits) by chance. I was doing all that already, then reading up on the internet found it fit under that umbrella. Home birthing was something I heard of in my early twenties, and I researched it for years, then went ahead and did it twice, despite being told by EVERYONE (including GP - see ya!) that I was making a huge mistake. It was fantastic. I recommend it to everyone, and feel so blessed that I haven't had one upsetting hospital birth experience like so many homebirthing moms.

So whatever your parenting style, keep an open mind. What works for one family may not work for another, no matter how much they try. So much depends on your lifestyle, routines, work, personality, number of children. Life constantly changes, so go with it, don't fight it, and keep your sense of self, and style. Remember you are only going to be a crazed mother for a few years, in a few more you'll have all the time in the world to read that magazine, watch that movie uninterrupted, and you'll be wishing for a snuggly baby on your lap again.

Here I explain a bit of my parenting journey:

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