Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Capsule wardrobe - Shoes

The most practical shoes to wear when juggling baby / toddler, bag, keys etc and running out the door are slip-on, either flip-flops for summer or biker style boots for colder weather. I have them in a vintage hall stand with mirror, so just slip them on and out we go. My brown Havaianas flipflops have lasted me 5 years so far, and I bought them at full price in Office, for I think 30 euros. They look great with a tan, go with everything and are the most comfortable flip-flop around. I found a red pair in TK MAXX this summer, for only 12-13 euro, so now alternate between the two. I can walk all day in these and never feel a thing.
My biker style boots come from Schuh. My sister had them first and wore them everwhere, so I got them in tan, then in black the next season. They cost 120 euro which is expensive for me, but I wear them about 6 months of the year, so have really got my money's worth. I bought them about 5 years ago and have had the tan one reheeled twice and the black ones reheeled once. I style them up with dresses, minis and leggings/opaque tights, skinny jeans, under bootcut jeans. Both colours look good on a night out, depending on the style of your outfit, and instantly add a bit of personality to a plain outfit. They are in nubuck leather, not waterproofed, and I never sprayed them, but they do me fine in the rain, just leave them to air dry for a day or so after. I need insoles as the soles are not cushioned, but then I'm good to go!
This is the chocolate brown ones I didn't get, as I thought 3 pairs would be a bit ridiculous, but I was tempted! The top of the boot falls nicely once they are worn in and creased, and the leather looks better with age. I'll do a youtube video showing how mine have worn in. Definitely a great investment if you can find them. Other than that, I wear ballet flats or converse, these four styles of shoe suit my wardrobe and needs for daytime, my stillettoes are at the back of the closet waiting to be unleashed when I get out at night next!

My ballet flats are by Bloch. During my dance training this was my preferred brand for shoes, both ballet, tap and jazz, so I was delighted when I discovered their street shoes. My first pair I bought at full price, the black patent, they cost 130 euros, but I've worn them out I wear them so much. They give a great Hepburn vibe to pencil skirts and skinny trousers with polonecks. or just skinny jeans and a tee. The second pair I found in TK MAXX again (love that place!) and got the red patent for only 36 euro. They fit like a second skin, are all leather, uppers, inners and soles. I needed a half size down from my regular size.
Finally, the classics! I have these in black and pale pink hi tops, and white and bright pink low tops. They seem to be the mummy uniform in all the playgrounds, worn with bootcut jeans. I prefer to style them with my skinny jeans and oversized t-shirts/shirts, or with skirts and dresses for a funky yet cute look. They literally go with everything and are still cool 50 years after their invention!
I usually decide a look based on the weather and the shoes I want to wear, and the above four shoes form a perfect capsule wardrobe, covering every occasion.

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