Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Beauty Haul!

I'm on a roll here guys, trotting out posts and videos like there's no tomorrow! Bit of fluff after the intense mothering posts. I go through phases of being "into" makeup, and I'm addicted to tutorials on youtube and reviews for a while, then I realise I've so much make-up I don't even use, so I vow to use it before buying anything new... Then I hear of the Glossy Box subscriptions and I'm off again. A constant to and fro of consumerism and abstinence. But at least the stuff I'm buying is the very cheapest out there. Well, if I bought less of it I could afford the good stuff... Same with clothes.... and bags... and shoes... stop now! Watch the bit of fluff, sorry for the sniffles, you should see the outtakes, my mother would disown me if she saw me wiping my nose like that. Now I see what my sister was always talking about,how she HATES me when I sneeze. I do to after seeing it in action. Ouch! that thumbnail's making me go research neck creams.

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