Thursday, 27 October 2011

The biggest obstacle to successful breastfeeding... our westernised society.

In the last few centuries we've totally forgotten why we're here, distracted by technology, careers and society. We've lost touch with our animal selves, not birthing how biology intended, not eating how nature intended, and certainly not caring for our young like nature intended.
Playboy and soft porn have a lot to answer for. Boobs are so sexualised, that to breastfeed your child is to abuse your child in some places. The sight of a baby sucking on a nipple works people up into an indignant rage, as if you are doing something sexual / inappropriate to your child. Thus mothers are wary about breastfeeding, some cannot get past their breasts being sexual objects, fathers with a big breast fetish don't help with their comments, and prudish relations make the mother so uncomfortable she won't even feed in her home let alone in public. So babies miss out.
Here's my video with thoughts on the subject. Less of a rant in the video, more encouraging first-time mothers to breastfeed despite the obstacles. I also discuss "extended" breastfeeding, which, to put a name on it, makes it a "thing" and makes the person doing it somehow abnormal.
It's not abnormal. It's normal. It's so normal it bores me having to talk about it, but I feel I need to spread that word a bit, because everywhere I go everyone I meet treats me like I'm doing something abnormal.

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  1. Yes Niamh, a lovely comment makes my day too! So here's a few. I think you might be my girl crush! I love your hair (that fringe!) I love your make-up and the way you literally magic it on with your fingers. I've watched one of your vids. I love your gorgeous boys. Sooo cute and handsome and lucky. You have a lovely way of describing things (dilute springs to mind. I still may rob that!) You are strong and know your own mind and don't take no crap from anyone. Girl Power? Gah Spice Girls, youse lot didn't know the first thing about it!! Your great, Niamh. I love your blog, I love your attitude, I love your way with words. I still keep an eye out for you whenever we travel up to Dundrum. So if a crazy lady launches herself at you, stop! Don't whip out the Mace straight away. It just might be me!!!! You go girl!!!!


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