Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Different baby, different mama

Here's a list of the things I find different with my second son:

Don't need to check if he's still breathing
You know they won't be this small forever, not wishing for him to rush to the next developmental stage.
Haven't read one baby book, not going to either.
More relaxed when he cries.
Less time to spend gazing at his face, got a shock at the size of his feet today, they'd filled out so much
Give him more credit for intelligent thought, when 1st son was a newborn I thought most of his movements were random, now I realise they're constantly communicating.
Not tempted to pull over on the motorway if he's crying in the car
More relaxed about breastfeeding, as I know what I'm doing now
Don't change his clothes every time a drop of milk lands on them
Don't feel the need to bath him so often
Practising elimination communication and it's working
Teaching him baby signs earlier, and he's picking them up already
Not freaking out when he catches a virus
Don't feel the pressure to constantly check his weight, I can see he's thriving
Have let him gnaw on ripe pears for fun, didn't let 1st son until he was over 6 months.
Enjoying his "babyness"

Please share yours!

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