Sunday, 23 October 2011

Vintage Collectors and Thrifters Ahoy!

I dunno 'bout you but haul videos are my guilty pleasure. They're almost as good as shopping. When you find someone whose style echoes your own it's a great way of discovering new pieces. Then there are the A-listers to whom money is no object, and you can revel in their designer hauls without wondering how you're going to make this month's bills. So much of the thrill of shopping is the anticipation, once you've actually got the item home it loses some of its magic. This is where haul videos are so addictive- it's real people with real items, not just a static page in a magazine. As well as fuelling our shopaholism, they are a great way to "try before you buy", seeing if another customer is happy with their purchase, and getting information about fit, texture etc, so important if you're buying online.

Origami earrings I make to sell, on cups and saucers from sets I've collected
A vintage/thrift haul, such as my latest, isn't as informative, as you can't just go out and get the same items, though you could try ebay. This is for all you bargain-hunters and collectors, if you liked it I could do a vintage bag/shoe collection video or show you some of my ceramic collections. I'm a hoarder by nature, inspired by the 50s and 60s homewares that surrounded me growing up in the 80s with items passed down through the generations. I've halted adding to my collections for the moment, as I've literally run out of storage space, and am toying with the idea of selling some of the pieces I'm not so in love with anymore. I think modern homewares don't have the craftsmanship and spirit of the collectors items, no glamour when they're churned out in the millions in China. I love dressing my table with vintage dishes, and serving cake on my pretty mismatched china. My lustreware collection lives in the bedroom, and vintage floral bedsheets are waiting in a cupboard to be sewn into something new, I'm not sure what yet. From time to time I'll get on a sewing buzz and sew baby quilts for friends / children's clothes, so I love having a stock of unusual fabrics to work with.
Baby quilt made with vintage sheets

The quilt above was inspired by the amazing Katie Rich of
She finished blogging only a couple of months after I discovered her, but her archives are inspirational. Beautiful photography, sewing clothes for her children and crafts, along with a beautifully documented life in Brooklyn. She just has a really great writing style, oh, and recipes too.
Hope you liked the haul video, please send in requests if you'd like anything specific, thanks for reading!

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