Saturday, 5 November 2011

Fall Haul, saving and THE BAG!

Part 1 of my Fall Haul. I don't for the life of me know why I'm doing a karate demo in the thumbnail. This was filmed about 2 weeks ago. I'm proud to say I haven't bought a thing since! This is really weird for me. No impulse purchases (apart from a false fringe, but I REALLY needed it ;)) I'm saving for a bag. I'm gonna save until the January sales. That means no magazines, no make-up, no clothes (oh yeah, I bought the Topshop velvet playsuit see it here!, but I REALLY needed it for my son's naming day-bit of a running theme starting). UPDATE: Brought the playsuit back, was a little too short in the body, if you know what I mean...

So THE BAG... I haven't got one particular one in mind, all I know at the moment is that I'd like it to be large, slouchy but not too much so, grey/black, pure leather and maybe studded or with a decent amount of hardware to look good, don't mind if the hardware's gold but would prefer silver. I've been browsing (in other words, desperately searching any time I'm near a TK MAXX) but haven't seen the perfect one yet. I had originally thought of getting a designer one, saving until my birthday in March and blowing an extortionate amount on a fantastic bag, but then I realised, unless I actually have one particular bag in mind, that'd be just stupid. So I'll save, then go into TK MAXX and blow whatever I have on a fab, discounted bag, that'll be a fraction of the full cost, and still be good quality. I've seen some great Patrick Cox ones in there, for example.

TK MAXX summer 2011

I was in there today, in the Carrickmines branch, and had great fun buying a bag for a Christmas gift, so at least I'm exercising my shopping muscles, and still saving for myself. I've bought a few Christmas presents already, and some stocking fillers. I used to leave it all to the last minute, but in the last few years since having children, I can't physically hit the shops for a frenzied last minute dash, so have to be more organised. Two years ago I bought all my presents online, I was so smug having them arrive to the door every few days. Even last year I was really stuck for a present idea for Barry, and 5 days before Christmas I ordered him an ipod touch, which arrived, with personalised free engraving (from the Apple site), with two days to spare. Score! No such lavish budget this year though...

winter sun holidays? much more economical to heat your garden.

Another time-saving tip while I'm at it, it's only a small one, but one I'd like to share:
When airing clothes on radiators around the house, I've started hanging them in the rooms where they'll be put away, saves a bit of running around. For example, Charlie's clothes get aired on his radiator, towels in the bathroom. Maybe everyone does this, but it only occurred to me the other day.

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