Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November Favourites

I love watching youtube "favourites" videos, to see what products/ books / clothing and accessories people are wearing and using.
I'd dearly love to film one of my own, but I'm lying in bed feeding a baby, so it'll have to be another one-handed-typed post!

This month I've been loving:

Maybelline's The Falsies mascara - lost it for a few weeks and found it in the car under the seat, a happy reunion (about 10 euros in Boots)

Jason Vitamin E oil, as a serum/face moisturiser under foundation, the only thing for my tight, parched winter skin (about 8 euros in health food shops)

Essence lipstick - All about Cupcake (2.29 euros! - Penney's) - a lovely neutral pink, can be applied without a mirror and survived a toddler attack

Dark nails - Collection 2000's deep purple (about 2.50 in Boots) a cream, not metallic, almost navy

Coloured eyeshadows - got bored of the neutrals, now I'm sporting cranberry in the crease and turquoise liner! Using up the colours that rarely get seen

Drawer dividers (4 euro from Penney's Home) getting my hair/make-up drawers in order, will film a collection when the new camera arrives

Black sparkly jeggings from Penneys (12 euro) Rockstar trend covered without breaking the bank or a sweat

Black ankle boots - cowboy style (18 in TK MAXX clearance- see my Boots and Tandem Feeding youtube video) wear everyday with leggings, skinnies, pencil skirts, cutoffs, so versatile and so cheap!

Backcombing my hair. Instantly "edgy" styles though a bitch to brush out

Low side buns in hair, backcombed first, the messier the better, perfect for when your 5 month old grabs a handful

"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" - loved the film though hadn't a clue what was going on, so reading the book thoroughly now!

Pulsatilla - a daily dose has been chilling out my toddler for the last week - see "Homeopathy Review" post

The Food Network - only discovered this channel yesterday. Classic Nigella, cake baking and my sugar addiction has been cemented in stone.

BB's - I'm singlehandedly responsible for keeping this muffin chain in business. Whether it's Dundrum, Liffey Valley or the Pavilions, I'll be there with the double chocolate muffin, thank you. Great coffee too and comfy sofas for feeding and playing with babies.

My red wrap sling. My best friend these days. It's filthy, been into puddles and spat up all over but I use it so much I can't afford it a day off to wash and dry it. Considering dyeing it black to make getting away with the filth a little easier.

All, I mean ALL my Christmas present shopping is done, stocking fillers too. Half online, half instore in a series of military-style organised maneuvres.Yes, I am that smug lady eating her muffin on the sofa in BB's while you rush past harassed looking for the perfect present for your sister. Sorry.

What were your favourites this month?

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  1. Sooooo going to try that Jasons stuff. I HEART the essence nail varnishes in Penneys so will have a go at the aul pink lippie. As a fellow red-ser, I find it hard to get a nice pout going!! from


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