Monday, 7 November 2011

November Resolutions

I recently read a mom's update on her January resolutions, and how she'd basically failed at them all. I'm going to make some now, for the most pressurised time of year, where money and time never seem to stretch far enough. Previous years have seen us blow the guts of a month's wages between presents for each other, families and friends, food, drink and socialising. This year, while we have more children to buy for, we are cutting back on our gifts to each other, as there is nothing we actually need.

So here goes:

1. I will not buy ridiculously expensive items for people who don't need them.
2. I will spend time playing, singing and having fun with my children, to get the most festive fun we can for free!
3. I will not covet other peoples expensive gifts.
4. I will keep in mind that Christmas is a day out of the whole year, and gifts should be useful, not wholly impulsive.
5. I'll make a budget and stick to it for presents
6. I do not need a new outfit for Christmas day, I'll "shop my wardrobe" for something I haven't worn yet.
7. I'll craft a few presents for friends, using up some of the supplies I've already got.
8. I'll enjoy every minute of the lead-up to Christmas, and not moan about the commercialisation of the season.
9. I'll make and ice a superb Christmas cake for the first time ever
10. I'll keep getting out for walks despite the cold weather.

Today we went thrifting to an indoor market we hadn't visited in years. We picked up a great working Ferguson record player with speakers and a couple of records for only 25 euros. Considering I was going to buy one for between 100-200 euros online this is such a bargain. We had great fun at home dancing to an Elvis single and a Fats Waller foxtrot on a 78. Gonna make a habit of listening to our small record collection (have about 10 from a thrifting visit a few years ago), and add to it with secondhand records picked up for little or nothing.

This Sunday is our baby's naming day, we're having a humanist ceremony in a Norman castle in our area, followed by refreshments and an evening at home with family and friends. I'm really looking forward to it. I broke my vow of not spending money - I bought a skirt suit in H&M for the day, but it's one I'll wear again, both as a suit and as separates. Figured I deserved a new outfit, so I'm looking forward to dressing up and all the glamour of the day!

I've been having a bit of a blogging block recently, I know I'm only new to it, but I'm feeling a bit like I'm throwing it out there and no one's reading it, so if you're reading this,please follow, you'd make my day!

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