Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tandem Feeding video,a little rant and blocked ducts!

Tandem Feeding.
So normal I don't even consider it as a "thing" I'm doing. It's like changing nappies or wiping drool, it's just part of my life mothering my 20 week old and 3.5 year old sons. Sometimes they feed at the same time, sometimes separately. Usually when the baby's feeding the toddler will climb up for some as he doesn't want to be left out of the fun. I do it at home in bed, on the sofa, sitting on the floor, wherever I happen to be.
In public it's harder as there's such a stigma about feeding any child over the age of, well, any child of any age. Some people find it strange that people feed babies of 3 months, most find it strange that you would feed a child who's walking, all find it strange that you would feed a child who's walking, talking and shooting imaginary spiderwebs out of his wrists.

This is not the place where I feel I have to defend my breastfeeding of either child. I don't go into the benefits for me or them, or the reasons I'm still breastfeeding my 3 year old (in short I and he just never stopped). In this video I discuss the practical side of tandem feeding, how it works at night-time, what to wear, etc. If there's something I've left out please let me know and I'll do an updated video. Ps it burns loads of calories, more than just feeding one obviously. I'm losing weight at the rate of a pound every week or so, and still eating full packets of biscuits as snacks, chocolate muffins, glasses of wine etc, everything I crave is being scoffed without a second thought. Love it!

It should go without saying that I love breastfeeding. It's such a unique experience, and it changes all the time as the baby grows and you learn more. I'm at the stage where one minute I'm holding the baby doing something like reading a magazine, and the next time I look I'm feeding the baby, without consciously having started to do so. It's like sniffing or smiling, you just do it from intuition. I just sense the baby is looking for milk and before I know it he's feeding. The toddler of course, likes to help himself, and became an expert at flipping an un-brassiered boob from a neckline somewhere around 18 months old. (The best was the time I carried him down our 13 steps in our house, he wasn't feeding at the top, but he was at the bottom,without me even feeling it happen!) Now I have to remind him to ask politely for it, which is only right, but I don't make him thank me after, I figure it's enough to have to say "please".

I may do a video about "extended" breastfeeding, though I hate the term. It makes a normal thing into a "thing". I also hate the term "cluster feeding", and want to drown the person who coined that phrase in a vat of sour breastmilk. (Rant alert) I mean, what the hell!? Cluster feeding?! To describe a feeding "pattern" of many feeds in a short amount of time?! Well, sorry, maybe someone should provide babies with the timetable of their alotted feeding times so they don't inconvenience the mother. Ridiculous. Ridiculous that people are still watching the clock when it comes to feeding. This is not bottle-feeding in the 50s, we have moved on. We... No, I'll stop here, I feel another video coming on!

On a purely personal note I've a few blocked ducts under my left arm. We spent the day in town yesterday, and I wore the baby in my wrap sling for most of it (about 3 hours walking around). I fed him in the sling as usual, but must not have exposed the full left breast, so milk got caught in that area. It's hard and tender. I'm massaging it every time they feed, and it has gone down, but so irritating. This has happened before and usually takes about 48 hours to disappear, if not more. Anyone like to share some fast-fix tips?


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  1. Re. blocked ducts > one lady in our group who gets repeatedly blocked ducts told us she uses a vibrator to massage the lumpy area and break up any blockages before hand expressing or feeding! I have also had some people recommend using an electric toothbrush to the same effect - but that's just not as funny... ;) Great video! Have shared.


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