Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Heidi-hi! Hair tutorial & video

After almost a week of nursing sick babies, being sick myself, and quarantined at home I feel lobotomised. I spent most of yesterday filming and editing a make-up video, but it featured (unplanned) my two children. I feel a bit iffy uploading them onto Youtube, feel it goes against the mama mantra of "protect and nurture", so I refilmed it today, but it's not as good. Ah well. The online community is probably 99% lovely people, but you don't want that 1% watching a video of your child. Well, I'm uncomfortable with that anyway. Probably by child no. 3 I'll have them dancing in the streets for money, but not yet.

So I also made a quick (being the operative word) hair tutorial video. For some reason it filmed at 20x speed, so this is the slowest I could get it. It's an easy style, using no hair products, just a brush and elastic hair band. I need to put my hair back these days as my 5 month old pulls handfuls out, so wanted something more interesting than the ol' ponytail.

It's an innocent-looking girly style, I've been wearing a lot of black and grey recently, so felt very summery in white and pink today (It's December you fool!). Takes one minute when you have the knack of it, so you can't use the excuse "I don't have time to go faffing with my hair". It's faff-free, I promise, and people will be impressed you've washed, dressed, done your make-up AND your hair. Go you!

This was about 9pm, gimme a break!

Directions for Heidi hair:
Brush hair (if you can be arsed), no need really unless it's really manky.
Take a section of hair from the hairline at about the ear, twist with hair from on top, continue to get a rope-like effect down the side of hair. I had to start again as it was too loose.
Continue the "rope" around to opposite side of neck (for a side bun).
Holding that there with a few fingers (or clip it if you want) do the other side the same to meet.
Fasten with elastic hair band into a low ponytail
Turn it in on itself, looping the ponytail up and through the divide.

Leave it here if your child is crying.
Option1: Backcomb the ponytail part if you wanna look like/are a teen.
Option 2: Backcomb and tuck the longest ends into the hairband for a "bun"
Option 3: Don't backcomb, just plait and tuck in for more "Heidi" effect.
Pin with bobby pins if the back loosens, but it looks better the messier it gets, so deny your control-freak instincts and imagine you're Sienna Miller after a few drinks. This would look great with a few sparkly diamante clips/hair jewels/flowers.
You can try it with shorter hair, you will just need to use a few bobby pins along the way.
You could backcomb it first for more volume all over the head, I would have if I'd thought of it.
I'm working on some bigger, informative posts on elimination communication, baby-led weaning etc and how they are going for us. With the week we've had, the hair/make-up posts are all I could manage, and I think Christmas will be a lobotomy zone for me, I really need to keep things simple at the moment, ever get like that?

No joke, here's a quote from our pillow talk tonight (with permission)\:
Him: Don't fart in my face
Me: Sorry
Him: The children have expressed concern, they think you're deflating.
I'm still laughing at that.

I have a youtube channel (link below), I usually link my videos to the blog, but check it out if you want fashion/beauty hauls, sling info and babbling about breastfeeding etc.

Thanks for reading my blog, I'm gettng great feedback through friends and friends of friends, so I know you're out there! There are days (usually every second day) when I have une petite crise and wonder will I pack it in, but then I get a lovely text that keeps me going. So please introduce yourself, sign up with bloglovin if you read a few other blogs, or make the odd comment here so I can hear what you think! Someone mentioned the email link isn't working, I'll get onto that tomorrow.

It'a all Christmassy here, had a hot port today, and am watching the classics like "Muppets take Manhattan" while eating all the boxes of biscuits and sweets we've been given. Hope you and your families are enjoying the festive season, please drop me a line and tell me how you're preparing. (Oh, just to leave you on not-such-a-festive-note, all our presents are wrapped and labelled, and safely stored in the ATTIC BECAUSE TWO NEIGHBOURS WERE BURGALED THE OTHER NIGHT!)

Nothing like a little crime to keep you on your toes x

Here's a low side bun tutorial, even faster and easier!

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  1. Great hair, your making me mourn my flowing tresses but then I remind myself it was like a brillo pad ; )


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