Saturday, 17 December 2011

My hair and I

Here's a recent hair care video where I babble aimlessly for 10 minutes and show four products. I'd just been breastfeeding, so the brain was still full of oxytocin (dontcha love how you can blame the hormones!) and my speech is 50% slower than normal. I blink slower and seem to have developed a lisp too, all-round perfect conditions for filming methinks. I also never finished the video, the camera switched off for some reason, and I never filmed the end of it, so I leave you all hanging. So if you can get over all that, you might enjoy my description of the below pictured Schwartzkopf Got2b Big volume mousse, and Tresemme heat defence styling spray, and my review of Jason Sea Kelp shampoo and conditioner (not glowing).
Bought purely for the packaging, the fact that it works is a bonus.
In general my hair gets washed, conditioned, brushed through, and left to air-dry. Hangs there all day, or gets put up in a ponytail. Bored and boring. I'm trying to do more with it, i.e. backcomb and low side bun, side french plait, blowdry straight, or scrunch it with mousse. The fact that I'm inherently lazy and really can't be arsed works against me. I think it should be enough to be washed, dressed and made-up, and am daily surprised when I look in the mirror and realise I've to think about my hair too. "Get it cut, into a low-maintenance style" I hear you say. Did that, when Charlie was one, and loved the bob for about a week until I missed my long hair again, and have been growing it since, with a couple of trims in-between.

I adore the shoulder-length bob for its chicness and versatility. I'd wear it sleek, scrunched, volumised, half-up in a beehive, curled, now I want one...

Think her extensions are an inch longer than her hair, no?
The problem is I never did any of this when I did have the bob, I just washed and went. So it bored me. And my dilemma is the minute I cut it I'll regret it. Part of me still thinks you can't have longer hair when you get older, like so many moms, you just don't have the time to put into making it look good. But the other part of me wants to keep it long as I feel more "me", sexier, and like I just happen to have kids, whereas when I chopped it before I felt I'd instantly stepped into "mom" role.

Please leave a comment about your hair, if you've changed it drastically since having kids / would you if you don't have kids yet. How long can we get away with having the same hairstyle as we did at 17? Can shorter be sexy too? Is it all in the attitude?

See you soon for more narcissism / rants (it's one or the other with me on this blog!)

Bargain beauty  haul video and 2 products I regret buying...


  1. Hi Niamh, Thanks for this post, and the previous one about the backcombed side bun. Have the exact same issues with hair... do nothing with it ever except ponytails, then bemoan its boringness. So today, inspired by your blogs, I backcomed the bejaysus out of it, looked like a crazy woman, which was fun and my two girls enjoyed, then put it into low bun at the back. I made a bit of effort with clothes and make-up and it made me feel great!
    Just discovered your blog since the RTE interview - what a twit Durrane is - and am finding so many familiar experiences in your posts. Thanks for sharing so openly!

  2. Thanks for the feedback; I'm delighted you got some inspiration here! I've to say I'm doing the ponytail thing the last few days, but am trying to at least do a side plait if I get a chance! Great to hear from you, and drop by again soon! Niamh x


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