Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Outfit of the week! and Baths

(This should have been up last Friday - slapped wrist)
A week of illness, not leaving the house, baking, movies, popcorn, biscuits, spaghetti fritters, mashed potato, blogging, phone calls, tears, games, jigsaws, nappies, snot, fevers, drool, tv, visitors, Christmas decorations, laundry and parcels.
I wore:
Nursing top from Boob, a hand-me-down from a friend, and the most comfortable and practical way to get both your boobs out without pasties! It has a double boob-cover, you lift the flap, and pull down the inner and whip 'em out. Soft cotton, washes well, and covers the nipples with two layers so you don't feel you need another layer for modesty.
Tracksuit trousers from Dunnes, probably 12 euro. Fleece-lined and very comfortable, they come out every winter for lounging around the house. The stain on the leg could be drool, could be wee, actually I think I scrubbed spit-up milk with a baby wipe.
Hiking socks stolen from my father. Love them.
I wouldn't leave the house like this, nor entertain visitors, but it's a great pull-on no-brainer for the mornings I dont get a lie-in.

See how I'm sitting aside the bath? It's my new best friend. The previous night I had a bath alone for I think the first time in 24 weeks since my son was born (Barry says it was my second, I say first. This is my blog so what I say goes) I had a Cleopatra Special, that is to say I bathed in milk. My skin gets really dry if I bathe in normal bubble-bath, so for years I'd add a bit of olive oil, with/without essential oils, sometimes fresh mint leaves, lavender or ginger, or lemon slices - literally raiding my kitchen for fragrant bath ingredients! Then in my Sophia Loren style book she mentions the moisturising properties of milk, and advocates milk powder, as using fresh milk seems wasteful. I ordered Tesco's value skim milk powder in my last shop, and it worked a treat. I used about a cupful in a very deep bath, and scattered it over the surface, and it fizzed up and sunk in, making the water an opaque blue-white. very pretty. Next time I'm going to add some vanilla pod to the bath with the milk, I've a few hanging around I want to use up. Normally my skin is dry after sitting in a hot bath for an hour or so, but the milk actually left it really soft, so I didn't feel I had to use body butter/lotion. I really believe the whole beauty industry just sells us detergents to clean and strip our skin, and moisturisers to replace the lost oils, and I wonder at the amount of chemicals, alcohols and perfumes used, and always try to see is there an alternative, and can you cleanse without drying out. Hence the olive oil for a facial cleanser I talked about in a Youtube video. You don't need to moisturise after. A lovely way to clean your baby is by an oil massage, I use olive oil again, as the baby oils on the market are petroleum-based and drying on the skin.

Well, I entertained a guest this afternoon, and wore this:
Beatles t-shirt from H&M, about 12 euro (bought while pregnant, and made me look like a blimp. Not much more flattering now)
White vest underneath H&M, about 6 euro
Blue tapered jogging pants, Topshop sale last year, about 15 euro.
Vintage necklace, gifted from my mom
Religious icon bracelet, one of 2 from Penneys for 3 euro
Awkward smile, all my own, free.
It's a fancier version of the lounging clothes I was in all week.

Hope you all had a magical Christmas, and are still feeling festive. For me, I know Christmas is over when I don't bother turning the tree lights on in the morning. We're not there yet, though. One year (in Oz, southern hemisphere, not a porthole from Kansas) we kept our tree up 'til April. It was a fake tree, but the candy canes started dripping down through it, oozing pink goo, the popcorn strings disintegrated, and the orange and clove slices grew mould.
A lovely thought to leave you with,
Niamh x

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