Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Outfit of the Week- Festive layers and clip-in fringe!

Hmm, maybe "sans bra" ain't the best idea...
Hi y'all!
Thought I'd do an outfit of the week today as my official photographer was on a day off work. Lots of layering going on, my fave boots, and a festive red boyfriend cardigan for our annual visit to "the real Santa" in Stephen's Green. He IS Santa. Just go and see for yourself, even if you don't have kids, it's worth the money just to meet the big guy. You can quiz him why you never got "Shelldon" the snail Keyper in the 80s like I did a couple of years ago. He had a bona fide excuse too. A wonderful man.

So, I'm wearing:
White cotton tank - 6 euro H&M (not seen)
Black and white striped rayon ("I can't believe it's not cotton") top - 10 euro Forever 21
Denim cut-offs (homemade)  - 12 euro Dunnes bootleg jeans years ago
Black PVC belt with gold buckle - 3 euros Dunnes
Black wooly tights - 3? euros Penney's
Red "boyfriend" cardi - 14 euros Penney's
Grey suede ankle boots - 99 euros Minelli (France)

The accessory of the season: a sleeping 5 month old in wrap sling
I wore my Next parka (77 euros) which has been getting loads of compliments. Grey pleather bag is by Marc B, 35 euros TK MAXX.

Hair: Wore it in a side plait all yesterday, so it still has a nice kink today. Charlie called it "zig-zag" hair. Wearing a clip-in Jessica Simpson fringe, which I bought on a complete whim in McCabe's pharmacy in Pavilions, Swords for 29.95. I've worn it surprisingly often. Last night watching the fab Meganisobel on youtube show what her haircare routine is (Alexa Chung look), I got so p'd off with my boring blunt-cut, not-coloured hair. I was considering a semi-permanent colour like this:

Aul' Flossie scrubs up well
Then, looking into the chemical they use, and worrying about their safety while breastfeeding, I decided on a henna colour instead, like this:

Scrapped all that in the cold light of day, and resolved to wear the fringe more, and actually DO something with my hair every day. The fringe looks fine, a good enough colour match, after I toned down some white-blonde strands with brown hair mascara. In direct light as below, it's obviously "Barbie" hair. It just clips in with 3 snap clips and stays put really well.

Here it is from the side. Never pucker up like a fool in public, your toddler will always leave you hanging.

I kept the make-up neutral, just my Essence lipgloss for a pop of colour.

Don't worry, engine was off!
And winged liner that only starts half-way across the eye - a revelation that actually flatters and doesn't close off my eyes as much as the traditional way I'd been doing it. Thanks youtube guru ThePersianbabe! I used my new felt-tip liner by Essence - 2.29 euros. Replaces myRimmel liquid eyeliner as my new favourite after 12 years!

Janey, better start taking the UVA creams seriously!

Nails: my own concoction: blue and red combined to make Dairy Milk purple, I couldn't find this shade anywhere so got creative!

Baldy baby is eyeing up the gearstick, planning his getaway.

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