Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Outfit of the week!

Eh, how are you supposed to pose for an OOTW? I went for "amputee"

As realistically I'll never have time to post "outfit of the day" pictures, and I tend to go through phases of wearing certain types of outfits, according to the weather, my mood, and more importantly what's clean, I'll try to do one each week.
This is what I've been wearing with certain changes here and there, but mainly an outfit composed of these elements, all winter:
Ankle cowboy boots - 18 euro TK Maxx (or sometimes I'll wear calf-length tan / ankle grey suede with heel/ black converse hi-tops)
Leather-look leggings - 15 euro Dunnes Stores (or sometimes Silence + Noise blue denim jeggings from Urban Outfitters / black skinny jeans)
Black vest - Marks & Spencer (just seen)
Oversized T-shirt - 10 euros Dunnes Stores (or sometimes long-sleeved oversized t-shirt/ white tank/black tee)
Bag: Marc B - 35 euros TK Maxx (my all-out favourite bag EVER! holds all my crap and looks great with anything. Only drawback is it's pleather)
Hat: 5 euros Dunnes

Over it I layer a "boyfriend"cardigan, I have a brown wool one that reaches mid thigh, and is a man's XXL, pure lambswool, 6 euros from charity shop, this one is fantastic for putting around me and the baby in the sling, to keep the wind out.  I recently bought a large red cardigan - 14 euros in Penneys ladies section, this is better to lift the outfit from dull to Festive! Another great layer would be a man's plaid shirt, preferably red and black to give a bit of colour.
Going outdoors I wear my teal Next parka over the lot, with another big scarf to wrap around the baba.

What I love is the shoes make it...
With converse it's sporty, and you can run all around the playground with no regrets
With these boots you can do shopping, playdates and meet your other half for a drink in a bar, still looking good. (Who am I kidding, the last time I was in a bar was...oh god, can I even remember?)
Swap the boots for killer heels and add a black blazer, and you're good for date night.

Make-up wise I kept it simple, just neutral browns and a cranberry shadow in the crease, had no time for the winged eyeliner that morning. By the time the photo was taken most of it had worn off, and I really should have applied some coloured lipgloss, but was too tired.

I'll try to post more photos next time, this was taken by my husband, with the baby in one arm, who leapt nearly over his shoulder, and almost fell, to much cursing and tutting by my photographer. So I may have to wait until the babies are asleep, then do a quick photo shoot of all the different stylings. Problem is I'm usually asleep by then too.

Been having a great week (and it's only Tuesday!) catching up with friends and getting out for walks in the frosty air. Here are a selection from our walk to our new local bakery yesterday: review coming soon.
On a clear day you can see... Tallaght

The "wobbly" park - so called as it leads us to the library, or "wobbly" as 1 year old Charlie christened it

Even with wheels he complains about it being "too far"

If it's not the police or The Branch, it's the fire brigade, never a dull moment

We were very abstemious, we shared the muffin

Is this a blasphemous cake? Answers on a postcard...

Mama's getting artsy...


Hope you liked my first OOTW post! Please send me some ideas for more!

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