Friday, 30 December 2011

Outfit of the week!

Ye olde "need a wee" pose
When in doubt, pout!
 I wrenched myself off the sofa once this week, we went to IMMA ( Museum of Modern Art - Kilmainham), innocently to get a cup of coffee in their dungeon cafe and let Charlie play with non-droolers of his own age (well...) We didn't realise the worlds largest WINTER WONDERLAND had set up camp there, rendering the carpark full, the cafe heaving and the atmosphere electric. We by-passed the waffle stand and the "hook your child to a catapult over a trampoline and see what happens" ride, and got seated in the cafe nonetheless. Dear Hubby bought two coffees, one real, one fake (decaf) and forgot which was which, so I got both. Score! Charlie was too miserable to join in with Jacob building his temple out of wooden blocks in the play area, but Noah decided to lend moral support to the boy, sitting staring at him for a good five minutes, a string of drool constant from lip to chest (Noah, not Jacob). We by-passed the Rocky wannabe and his vicarious punches, and headed home to our sofa.

That is the extent of the adventures this week, and this is what I wore:
Navy oversize tee: 8 or 9 euro H&M
Black long vest (under): 6 euro H&M
Black satin blazer: 30 euro Oasis 2 years ago
Leather look leggings: 15 euro Dunnes
Black ankle cowboy boots: 18 euro TK MAXX
Gold torc necklace: 7 euro Wallis sale
Black faux-leather bag Marina Galanti: 25 euro, TK MAXX
Black hair bows : 3.50 euro children's section H&M
Cocktail ring: 25 euro - market in Paris
(The rest of the time I've been in crotchless tracksuit bottoms, Penney's c. 2001, and various stained t-shirts)

I'd normally baulk at wearing leggings as trousers, needing a mini skirt over or a longer top to hide my bum, but I wasn't bothered, I've two kids now, I'm gonna chill about such sartorial matters.
Note to anyone doing EC and visiting Itsa cafe at IMMA - it's a long aul' trek to the ladies from the cafe, and I made it twice with no result. Noah was giving all the signs, but none of the wee, so I felt like a right tit, walking all the way, undressing his lower half, cue-ing, redressing, walking back, twice! He seemed to just like the walk, screaming with delight at everyone we passed. Ah Noah (insert joke here about the flood, and wee, and something else funny - I'm too tired to think of anything)

Too lazy to crimp the whole head, a bit ridic at 33, no?

I crimped my hair too, not sure as I was doing it what I was really trying to achieve. It's not something I can see Kate Moss sporting, so I think it's not for the over 12s, still, a bit of fun, and an excuse to look in the mirror for 15 minutes with no one sucking on my boob.

Happy New Year to you all!
May your celebrations be fun, your children healthy and your boobs full!
Niamh x

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