Monday, 19 December 2011

Some of todays "Why"s?

Why must I finish the packet of biscuits EVERY TIME?
Why does Charlie really urgently need a nappy the second I start changing Noah's?
Why do new clothes lose their "newness" the longer you leave them unworn in the wardrobe?
Why does the bathroom always need cleaning when I only just did it?
Why are people shopping like the shops will be closed for a month, when it's only one day?
Why do kids get sick?
Why can't I work the damn tv?
Why are girls so insecure?
Why won't it snow on the days I've nothing to do?
Why am I shy about checking on my elderly neighbour?
Why do I need to be home to stop someone burgling my house?
Why don't I feel my boobs are making enough milk?
Why am I "the meanest mommy in the world"?
Why aren't I a famous Broadway star?
Why isn't the world nice enough for me to post that video of me and my kids?
Why do we need to cook dinner again, we did that yesterday.

What are your whys?

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