Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Tribute...

... to the man who this week alone...

... takes the two babies downstairs to give me a lie-in, even on the days he has work
... knows "I'll put the kettle on" can sometimes reduce me to tears of gratitude
... listens to the minutiae of my day with total interest, even when nothing's happened
... finds me beautiful and sexy even on day 3 with no shower
... cooks the dinner after a hard day at work
... detours in sub-zero temperatures to get me the cheese puffs I love
... stays awake to let me talk into the early hours because I need to take stock, even though he's exhausted
... never once complains about how tired he is, even when he's clearly shattered
... minds sick children with love and compassion
... got me our first wedding dance on record for our anniversary
... has endless patience with wailing toddler
... made me laugh until my face hurt
... entertains every new scheme I have with interest and an open mind
... makes the toddler feel so special picking the Christmas tree himself
... within 24 hours has tracked down an out-of-stock toy for our boy for Christmas
...constantly demonstrates compassion and empathy towards others, teaching me by example not to judge
... makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world

Happy Anniversary Barry xxx

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