Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Where's me wetnurse?!

Having a bad day today.
The virus Charlie had for the last two weeks seemed to go a day or two before Christmas, and now it's back. He's coughing and has had a temperature since last night. Which means he's off his food and onto boobs only until he's better, this could be 2-4 days with breastmilk as his only water/food like last time. Add to that Noah's having a growth spurt and feeding every hour or more, even for the duration of our 1.5hr walk he was latched onto my left nipple, sucking all the time. I'm exhausted, I haven't had a meal or a cup of tea in peace, and I swear I haven't had 10 minutes all day without someone looking for a boob. I feel like even going to the toilet is "time off". I'm snapping at Barry, and he's snapping back, both frustrated that we've achieved nothing today. I'd said in the morning I'd give him time off to do some of his writing, but by the time we'd had a walk (to the bank, closed, not good) and done some shopping, home and made lunch, it was 3.30pm and both babies have just been out of sorts all day.
I keep thinking about the phrase "you're only as happy as your least happy child", and that's so true.
I can't stand the idea of being housebound with a sick child for a third week running, this is Barry's week off work and we're not getting to do any of the stuff we'd planned. Sorry, just had to rant. I'd love a fairy godmother-wetnurse to take the kids, mind them for a day, let me and Barry have our life back. Feels awful saying it but it's true right now. I'm not enjoying this. Sorry again. It's not all festive sparkle here. Crap. I've been left in bed now, alone, I'm going to try to sleep this off, that's all.

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