Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cupcakes, Cake and Make-up

Parsnip and Apple Cupcakes
We made these this evening, I'm great for buying those mixed bags of carrots and parsnips, but rarely use them all before they go soggy. Charlie's great for starting an apple and rarely eats more than half; so  we had half an apple and some almost-dodgy veg in the fridge looking for something to do. I would sometimes grate the apple into pancakes, but was inspired to bake cupcakes this evening, as it has been more than a week since I last did. As soon as my jeans start feeling loose/comfortable, I take that as a green light to bake up a storm and eat 80% of it myself.
I adapted my Lazyass Cupcake recipe (see The Mama's a Lazyass (and cupcake recipe) )
I grated the apple, skin an' all, and one large parsnip, and added some powdered ginger (a bit much if I'm honest, they give a fair tingle on the tongue) and we got 12 cupcakes.
Then, as the mixing bowl was out and I was in the mood, I made this:

Carrot Cake
I can't even remember what went into this, I know there were 2 eggs, some melted butter (as it was straight from the fridge, so I blitzed it in microwave for 30 sec) some sugar, and 2 large carrots, and enough self-raising flour to make a dough. Oh and porridge oats too. (I bought too many bags a few months ago and am still working through them). I added too much flour at first, so wettened it (new word there) with some smoothie I found in the fridge, would have used milk if this hadn't needed using up. I'll split it horizontally, and probably put Nutella in the middle, maybe freeze half, as we have absolutely no need for cake around here. I'll then dig it out if we have guests and eat most of it myself.

Make-up-wise these days, on the days I'm actually bothering (getting very lazy here) I'll do a "natural look" i.e. can't be bothered to do eyeliner. I got Urban Decay's Naked palette for Christmas, and am loving how the colours blend together, no matter which ones you choose. Also I'm only using foundation on the T-zone, and a little on my cheeks where my pores are big. Dodgy eyebrow here above (Naked palette again, lazy, and have lost my only good eyebrow pencil). Lips are Essence red lipstick, with Juicy Tube Lychee on top. I used some red lipstick for blusher here too, as I'd forgotten. Oh how we let our standards slip when we have children.

Got a great big Tesco online delivery today. Every time I say "Never again"; it takes as long to order it online as to run around the shop. Only difference is you don't have to have a kid picking up a load of junk food he saw on tv, telling you about the vitamins and health benefits verbatim from the ads. It's handy, as I don't mind walking to the shops for fresh food every few days, but the delivery is great once a month or so for washing powder, tins of beans, bulk-buying baby wipes etc. For once they were bang on time, and had to phone me as I was driving home. They have been up to 30 mins late. Still, a good service for 4.50 euros. I'm not gonna even kid myself that I could handle doing a big shop with these two in tow.

Better go, squealing bouncer in one arm, preschooler telling me to say sowwy for being cwanky in the other. The joys...

ps. Charlie just said he'd count to 10 and if I'm not finished typing I'm out of the family.

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  1. Hi Niamh, just found your blog through the 9 Crows Page (small world haha!) Love what you're doing :)


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