Wednesday, 18 January 2012

De Local Birds

These four showed their arses the minute they saw the camera, their friend pissed it off (lower foreground) to get her ma.

"Ye' wha'?! No f***in' way!"
"I'm tellin' yeh, a big fat roundy one"

Just a typical "gaff" or dwelling place in Dublin 12. Note the absence of proper insulation.

"Are you for bleedin' real?! Get tha' camera ou' ra' me face!"

"Ah, go on den, but dis is me best side"

Dis one fancies herself.

Major whistling from this crowd when I walked by. They were happy to pose, but my ears were burning for days.

"All me friends have left me, I dunno weer dee are, I'n only a babby, dey won't let me play."

That's it for the wildlife. I know, I know, bit lazy, blah blah, back with more life-enhancing opinions soon!
Niamh x


  1. HAHAHAHA oh god........
    hahaha this is your finest post ever. now, THIS is what RTE should be featuring you for! ;)

  2. Thanks Erin, was hoping someone found them funny! Lots of overheard gems in these here parts! Niamh x


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