Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Guest Post: TTC'ing

I recently asked a few mothers I know to think about writing a guest post for my blog. I admire all these women in different ways, and everytime I meet up with them I am inspired in ways which makes my life as a mother a bit easier. These ladies are very generous with their time, and have been writing and forwarding their stories to me to include in my blog. While we all have our own way of doing things, we are all passionate about being the best mothers to our children. The guest posts will appear in my blog from time to time, this first one is Gretel's trying to conceive (ttc) story. (She has since had a fantastic natural birth in hospital, story to follow soon!)
"I kept a diary of the months I spent TTCing; this alone shows I had become somewhat obsessed  with getting preggers! I was lucky enough to see that all-important second blue line on our third month so I can't but conclude that these three factors which came into effect on month three may have helped us conceive our bundle of joy!

1) We kept having sex until my temp rose even if I thought I had ovulated we waited for the thermometer to confirm it.
 2) We used pre-seed lubricant a sperm-friendly lubricant some of my pals had sworn helped get them knocked-up. I struggled to source this in South Co. Dublin which proves there is money to be made in this baby-making business.
 3) We only had sex on my wet fertile days so as not to burn out (baby-making can be exhausting midweek) but we continued for a day or two even though my cervical fluid had gone a little dry (although when examining my panties it's hard to note the difference between my juices and little soldiers!)

Right here goes: "share and scare" month three on the baby train diary accounts: 
cycle day 1:period , temp drop, cervix high wet fleshy feeling (devastated no baba in my oven, feeling tired and infertile)
cycle day 12:start of sticky egg-white cervical mucous, temp 36.29 ( whahoo fertile period about to begin again! Feeling very upbeat and optimistic)
cycle day 18: positive ovulation prediction kit (these are really cheap online as Irish chemists charge a fortune and I know how much us ttc'ers love peeing on sticks), nipples slightly sensitive, egg white cervical fluid (did the baby dance and lay down for an 1hr afterwards visualising a baby bump)
cycle day 19: dry cervical mucous, nipples very sensitive, temp low 36.29 (did the deed- I predicted I ovulated here and my scan confirmed this was when i got pregnant)
cycle day 20: temp rose 36.49, nipples sore to touch
cycle day 21: temp 36.49, nipples not as sensitive, dry cervical fluid , cervix high
cycle day 22: temp 36.59, dry creamy cervical fluid, cervix high.
cycle day 23: dry cervical fluid , cervix high
cycle day 24: dry cervical fluid, cervix hard
cycle day 25: vivid pregnancy dreams, very hungry & tired
cycle day 26: snotty egg white cervical fluid, cervix hard like the tip of your nose, a few spots on my face
cycle day 27: temp 36.79, wet cervix felt fleshy, felt hungry
cycle day 28: temp 36.69,  felt a bit cranky
cycle day 29: temp 36.68, creamy discharge, dry high cervix wet & fleshy
cycle day 30: woke up early having had a vivid pregnancy dream, tested positive with Early Eesponse very faint line then tested with Sure Sign & got a darker line 11 days after I predicted ovulation had occurred,temp 36.69, boobs fuller and more spots on my face.

So that's how i finally got my first BFP "big fat positive" I know three months is very quick but it felt like it took forever so I wanted to share my tips to anyone trying to get pregnant.
Love & baby dust they are so worth the wait xxx"

Thanks a million Gretel, I'm sure this story will help others ttc'ing out there. May I also add that Gretel had timed her "baby dance" (love the euphemism, I'd never never be so coy!) to conceive a girl, which she did. I will definitely be picking her brains when we go again, as I'm dying to indulge my love of pink and not get raised eyebrows!
Here's what Gretel has to add about the gender issue:
"If you want a girl you go hell for leather prior to ovulation as female sperm are longer lasting but slow swimmers. If you want a boy do it as close to ovulation as possible as boy sperm swim fast but die quicker. Most ttc-ers have girls as you have lots of nookie and so usually female sperm are up there ready and waiting for ovulation. That's what happened us (although I did secretly hope for a girl - Ssh!)"

So the rule of  thumb is "For girls - go early; for boys - hold back"
Please see my previous post on Natural Family Planning / Fertility Awareness for more info on reading your cycle.
Baby Dust to you all!
Niamh X

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  1. Hey Niamh. Our 4 boys were conceived by ttc'ing on day 14. Well, the last three anyway. DS1 was a "we'll see what happens" baby. Then we actively tried for the rest and once I knew I was ovulating, we made use of the window. I heard the Shettles method being discussed on the radio in the car one day and I was like "That's what we did!" so when we were ttc'ing for 3 & 4, I kept to the same method. i.e. day 14 and every day for that week!


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