Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I painted my kitchen green

I painted my kitchen green, it's my favourite colour.

- But you can't, they say, all our kitchens are blue
- That's okay, I say, my favourite colour is green
- It doesn't matter what your favourite colour is. Blue is the colour for kitchens, it's always been like that
- Well, I fancied a change
- But who are you to decide? Everyone knows all kitchens are blue
- It's only a kitchen, and what's more, it's my kitchen, why would you mind what colour it is?
- But when we come to visit, we're going to feel strange standing in a green kitchen
- You don't even visit that often
- That's irrelevant.
- You could still come and visit, and not look into the kitchen
- But we'd still know it's green in there.
- But it's still a kitchen; it has an oven, a fridge, everything else is still there, just the walls are different
- It doesn't matter what's inside it, the walls should be the same colour as our walls
- But it's my house, can't I choose the colour of the walls myself?
- Don't you think green is a strange colour for a kitchen?
- No, green makes me happy; it reminds me of grass, leaves, mountains...
- But blue is... blue. It's blue. And it's a kitchen colour.
- Well, my kitchen's green now. It's done.
- What colour kitchen did you have as a child?
- Blue
- There! Don't you see, that just shows you, you even grew up with a blue kitchen
- Yes, but, can't a kitchen be green, or yellow, or white, or any other colour than blue?
- No
- Why?
- Because that's the colour of kitchens
- But my kitchen is my kitchen
- What makes your kitchen so special? Is blue not good enough for you?
- Blue is fine, I like blue, my bathroom is blue
- A-ha! So you painted your bathroom blue?
- Yes, I just said so.
- So why not your kitchen?
- Because I prefer green for my kitchen
- Who says you get to choose your own colour for your kitchen?
- I never knew there were rules about the colour of kitchen walls
- Well, not rules as such, just traditions, habits... we all have blue
- And did you all choose blue?
- Well, it was just there, so when we repaint it, we repaint it blue
- So you're obviously happy with blue, because you keep buying more blue paint.
- Well, we just never thought about changing.
- Well, there you go, change it if you feel like it; you can pick any colour you want.
- What do you mean by "any colour you want"?
- I mean, you are free to paint your kitchen any colour you want.
- Are you saying we need to change the colour of our kitchens?
- If it's not your first choice of colour, change it!
- Why are you making out we need to change?
- I'm not, this started with you telling me I couldn't have a green kitchen!

Repeat ad nauseum.


  1. Really need to work out how to follow your blog.... Started blogging myself a while back but it fizzled out, maybe you are my inspiration!

    BTW my kitchen is terracotta (or orange as my recently weaned nearly 7yo) says!

  2. Ha

    Very good! Why change what a generation of women have been doing, "sure aren't the babies grand" & "I was formula fed, didn't do me any harm" bla bla bla.

    Yay, for all the mommas that think about what they want to feed their babies and how they want to raise them, instead of following the flock!

    My kitchen will never conform!

  3. Love it. It did take my teeny tiny assignment-ravaged brain a while to figure out where you were going with it though - initially I was wondering why you thought we could care less about the colour of your kitchen. Lol.

  4. This came to me at about 4am, in the sleepless night after the tv interview. It's not just related to breast/bottle, I wrote it to relate the futility of all the arguments I've had to have, defending all my parenting choices: home births, breastfeeding, continuing breastfeeding, introducing solids, co-sleeping, baby-wearing. People have come across so threatened by my choices. Even though I will never verbally judge theirs, they must see my choices as a comment on theirs. My point is: why should you care what I get up to in my private life?

  5. To get all Freudian about it - defence mechanism.

  6. Well said Naimh! Keep that head up. Daria.

  7. Now is all depned what green you go for.... some are really not nice ;)


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