Thursday, 5 January 2012

Our day today

(I've removed two photos of Charlie from this post, he was uncomfortable with them being shown on live TV, and I shouldn't have put them up in the first place.)
We got out of the house!

Guess Christmas is officially over
 Dinner tonight is my 7 minute Soup: carrot and chickpea, fast and perfect for when your baby is cranky; this takes 5 mins to prepare, about 30 mins to roast veg, 2 mins to blitz and assemble, so only 7 minutes effort. Substitute any veg and pulses, according to what you have. [I usually add lentils or chickpeas/ beans to every soup/ casserole for protein as I'm vegetarian, and don't cook meat for the family.]
Speed-peel some carrots while heating oven to 180. Chop an onion in half. Roast these in a dish with olive oil, garlic if yours looks ok. Metal-skewer some potatoes and put in to bake. Put cooked veg into saucepan with a drained can of chickpeas, pour boiling water into the roasting dish to get the caramelised juices out, add as stock (most stock cubes seem to be all salt and msg so I don't bother with them). Blitz and season. I leave the potato skins on, nothing wasted in this kitchen! Great for babies of all ages. We'll be eating this with my brown soda bread and butter. (Bread is just wholemeal flour, buttermilk/sour milk/natural yoghurt and milk, bread soda and salt cooked in a loaf tin or made into scones.) Don't do as I did and line your tin with the wrong paper, our bread has a brown paper crust we're picking off as we eat. Yum.

Nott pretty but tasty. Juices dissolving in water.

The "rustic" soup in all it's glory

My helper eating a red plastic back-scratcher.

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