Sunday, 15 January 2012

Outfit of the week!

It's long overdue, so here's an outfit of the week. Nothing exciting I'm afraid, just your basic "momiform" of jeans, converse, parka and bag.

Jeans: High-waisted flares : Next, last spring, about 35 euro. Delighted I can zip these up again, and the high waist completely deals with the muffin-top/lower stomach issue.
White Converse low-tops: staple shoe. Look better the more they age. The splashes of red wine remind me of a great cycling holiday in Kenmare we did when Charlie was two. We cycled along the Beara way, a bottle of red wine in the water-bottle holder of Barry's bike, Charlie singing "There was an old man called Michael Finnegan" at the top of his voice. Good times.
Parka: 77 euros in Next (These are the only two items I own from Next, never think of going in there - think it's too expensive for me)
Bag: 25 euros TK Maxx (shown better in last Outfit of the week)
Grey men's cardi: 35 euros, TK Maxx
Black hat: 5 euros, Dunnes
White vest: 6 euros H&M
White tank: 5 euros Penneys
Necklace: Alan Ardiff's Princess and the Pea. Birthday present.

Noah's cute boots are from a Chinese shop in Georges St. Arcade, selling beautiful children's clothes of dodgy provenance (but what isn't these days - I reluctantly bought strawberries from Palestine in Aldi!), they were in a deal of 3 items for 5 euro.
He's wearing my old hat; we have about 10 hats for him, scattered far and wide and can never find one when leaving the house.
He's in the red wrap sling, with a spare circular scarf around him for warmth.

We had a lovely play in the freezing fresh air, then into a crammed cafe for tea and cake.
Me: "I'm having the best time, I love getting out with you guys"
Barry: "Could you put the damn camera away then and actually talk to us?!"

Can't even comment on "the RTE controversy" at the moment, let's just say I'm licking my wounds and regrouping.


  1. such a cute pic of your babs :) i used to live in that park! so good coz its round and you can see everywhere...the last prob 3 summers i spent many days on a blanket with a book as my son was old enough to do his own thing and i could observe from outside sunbathing..whilst my friend had to run around after her 2 toddlers..those days are over now this summer it will be me running around after a baby while she catches the rays on the blanket aaaah! lol :)

  2. Thanks Gab! Would you believe we only discovered this park recently, and this was our second time there! I'd heard about it months ago, tried in the summer but it was closed for a while due to maintenance, and only got there about a month ago. Lots of great equipment for Charlie, and like yourself I'll be running around after a baby this summer, I'll see you there! Love the sunbathing idea, my days are over for a while at least! Thanks for reading! Niamh x

  3. He looks so cosy! LOVE the sling : )
    Think I know the park, it's great! Also love that it's surrounded by so much natural of both worlds!!!

  4. Hi there, what kind of sling is it you are using? Looks great- am very confused by all the names! But that one looks so comfy (for you and baby!)

  5. Hi Jo! The sling is one I made myself, it's a wrap sling, about 5m of stretch cotton. It's really comfy, washes great, and can be worn a host of different ways! (baby on your front / on hip / on back) Here's a link to a really sinple make-your-own tutorial!


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