Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Finally - a record player!

We were looking for a record player for about a year. We checked vintage markets, online second-hand sites, charity shops. We finally got this one in Bray in a little second-hand market near the Dart station, for 25 euro. It's by Ferguson, from the 80s I think, and works perfectly. The kind man selling it threw in a couple of 78s and a few singles. We got this in December, and had great fun over Christmas listening to records from our childhoods, some we'd collected hopefully over the years, and a few new ones we picked up in Oxfam Home on Francis St.

Some of our singles. The player has a spike to hold about 8 singles and plop them down one at a time for playing. This still amazes me. I'm easily amazed. One of our favourite singles is The Singing Nun, google her if you haven't heard of her. Crazy, tragic life, and sings like a loon.

American Pie is the soundtrack of my childhood, gotta love that bible basher. Art Garfunkel is obviously Charlie's hair hero, and the album is a classic. The other three were charity shop buys, about 3 euro each. I'm loving Bassey at the moment.

Barry's a huge Stone Roses fan, he got this collectors edition a few years back and only got to listen to it in December.

The 78s we got free from Leo in Bray, one's a foxtrot. I'd love to collect some more, but they feel really delicate, like they could snap with one touch of a pre-schooler's hand. Maybe I'll wait a few years.

A bit of tack for Christmas. I love Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins etc. but was really disappointed with her album, she's all operatic and not like your favourite nanny at all. The Sinatra album was irreparably scratched. Probably not a bad thing, you can't hope they were all good singers.

Some classics. Nothing compares to these on vinyl, so much more authentic than a CD or Mp3, no romance in them at all.

I think we picked these up for the comedy value, I hope so! We haven't given them a bash yet, may have to unleash them the next time we have guests.

More randomers we liked the look of. Haven't heard them yet. If any of you can enlighten me please do.

This is beautiful, we were shown the film in school and it's theme tune has always stayed with me. This album has speeches and the soundtrack from the film. If you haven't seen it you must, it's fabulous, way more soulful than the Danes/DiCaprio one.

Another one bought for the cover, I love it! The narrator of these fairytales has such a "plums in the mouth" British accent we can barely understand a word.

This Brown Girl in the Ring is fab, it has a rap version which is just class, you'll find it on youtube. Forever Young gives me the chills, I fell in love with it after seeing Napoleon Dynamite, and listened to it on a loop for about 3 days straight while pregnant with Charlie and making Pink Ladies t-shirts. (Don't ask!) Hits 4 is a random 80s album, great, and Fame is an empty sleeve that I bought anyway as Leroy was my love as a kid. I'd like to buy a frame for it, but the 15 euro price tag in Urban Outfitters is putting me off. Anyone seen them cheaper?
I love the cover art of the musicals below, but never listen to them. Wish I'd a way to display them all. What music did you grow up with?


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