Saturday, 25 February 2012

Guerilla Baking

These days my time and patience are limited. I am also craving cake like there's no tomorrow. So I have coined the term "guerilla baking" to describe my method. Basically I ignore all books and recipes and make it up myself. 
I fell into this after making loads of my "lazy cupcakes", in all guises, adding grated parsnip, apples, oats, etc to the recipes. I got good at estimating how much butter, sugar and flour to use, and stuck to the same 2 egg quantity. 
I've moved it up a notch recently, as I'm trying to work my way through this huge tin of golden syrup, and was low on granulated sugar for a while. So now everything I bake starts life melting butter and golden syrup together, before adding the eggs and flour and various extras. It always works out now; the worst that's happened is that stuff didn't rise much, but I can live with that. Adding fruit/veg to a cake seems to make it more dense and less likely to rise anyway, so I just fill the bun cases a little more than usual, maybe making 10 instead of 12.

I love the retro look of these tins, hope they never get updated!

Guerilla chocolate fruit cake 
Melt butter, golden syrup and treacle, about 2tbsp of each
Grate in a half-eaten pear and two half-eaten apples (baby-led weaning...)
Add 2 eggs, about 3 tbsp dessicated coconut, 3 tbsp cocoa powder, bashed up dark chocolate bar (about 3tbsp?) and enough self-raising flour. Too much flour added? Add some milk. Not enough? Add some more. You get the idea.
Cook in an oiled tin until done. About 15 mins in my unpredictable fan oven at 180 Celsius.
We made icing with real orange juice and Charlie got creative with the sprinkles. He wanted it to look like a Homer Simpson donut.

This would be lovely with bananas and/or ginger, think that'll be my next one.
Type A's will be cursing me and my made-up recipe. Everyone else will love the freedom of it.
It turned out lovely and moist. I bought the tin for 3 euro in my charity shop jaunt the other day. I bought it because it's orange, but forgot to photograph it, sorry.

I've a feeling this will keep for ages in the tin, improving with age. It's quite dense and filling, and the full-size cake would happily serve 12 people, so I'd say I'll have it eaten by Tuesday...

A melting chocolate chip still warm from the oven.

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