Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hot Chocolate with Chilli

The finished article with squeezy cream. This is inspired by the film Chocolat, where they drink hot chocolate with chilli. You could melt in real chocolate, but I prefer to eat it straight. Instead of chilli you could add cinnamon, either stick or powder, or ginger, or black pepper, or orange peel? Let me know what tastes good!
Half cow's milk, half water, tastes just as good, we're limiting dairy here as we're all sick.
Add Cadbury's Bourneville cocoa powder, I add about one tablespoon to one mug of milk.
Add vanilla sugar (smug mama) or normal sugar of course, same quantities

Add a chilli, sliced a couple of times, but not all the way through, a little goes a long way here!
Whisk the bejaysus out of it as it heats, but not boils.

One for the mama

One for the little boy

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  1. what a coinkydink I was JUST thinking of that movie Chocolat this morning and then read this! weeeird! that looks delish I must make it! x Niamh S.


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