Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Outfit of the Week

This has been my go-to spring outfit since I became a mama. It's comfortable enough to sit cross-legged on the floor doing jigsaws, and also looks good enough for coffee and a playdate or visiting elderly relatives. The navy trousers are such a classic, and can be dressed up or down, wearing them all day for every occasion. If I wanted to smarten up the outfit above even more I'd add my tan corduroy blazer; I think I can get my arms into it again!

I like the cream top and cream shoes, and yes, before you say it, this is probably the ONE item I own that really should be ironed. I would if I was going anywhere special. Lie, I'd just wear something else. In the old days I'd have worn high heeled wedge sandals with an outfit like this, but no such heels for me now. I'd use a tan leather bag for this outfit, with cross-body strap (should have photographed it but forgot).

This is the other way I'd usually wear the trousers, my trusty converse and striped breton-inspired top. I'd wear this to the playground, or for a walk to the shops, with a jacket in February obviously! The pink converse are still pretty unworn, they're a bit too pink, which I never though was possible, but I feel a bit like a teenager in them. I usually wear my white converse low tops with this kind of outfit, but they are so filthy I couldn't bring myself to photograph them!

Navy cotton trousers (long skinny leg, no pockets, zip and button front fly) H&M new season, 15 euro (other colours available - black, red, stone...)
Black vest worn under for easy access when breastfeeding: M&S ( Has one of those built-in support things, so deffo no bra needed unless you're going for a jog or chasing a crazy 2 year old)

Top photo: Cream cotton top H&M (old) about 20 euro - a lot for a top, but I've lived in it.
Cream ballet flats: New Look (old) 10 euro, only plastic, but surprisingly comfortable.

Bottom photo: Striped top, H&M, (old) 10 euro?
Converse (old but new if you get me) about 30 euro

Everything I wear these days is cheap, washable and comfortable. All my fancy clothes are giving me daggers every time I open the wardrobe. Some day, I tell them. Though by the time that day comes around they'll probably look dated.

That's all, Barry's making Jamie Oliver's spaghetti fritters for dinner, we're going to watch "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" later once the suckers are asleep. I'm going to get myself a beer. Have a lovely night y'all, cuddle your babies tight and get some sleep!

Niamh x

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