Friday, 3 February 2012

The quill's the thing

Yesterday we got about 15 minutes of fun out of a manky magpie feather, some paper and diluted poster paint.
We were watching The Muppet's Christmas Carol, as you do at the start of February, and Charlie was excited to see Scrooge writing with a feather. He leapt around and nagged for about half an hour until we set him up with his own.
The feather came from a nature walk sometime in 2011, and had been residing in the Nature Box, with some dubious decomposing leaves, sticks, half a bird's egg and stones of various sizes and no redeeming features. The box has been at the end of our sofa, near the radiator, and is airtight, so you can imagine the smell when Barry opened it.
The feather had a good wash, at my insistence, and Charlie cried to see it in it's wet and miserable state so the feathery bits were pulled out into some semblance of the natural state.
I diluted some blue (favourite colour) poster paint in a shot glass. No tequila for this glass in a long while. The bard sat down and wrote a succession of important messages for his followers before he got bored and skipped off to make another mess somewhere else.
Free, fun and educational. Major mommy points methinks.

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