Thursday, 23 February 2012

Today I did nothing, but I

Escaped for an hour
Wondered what is this damn virus and why aren't we all better yet
Finished a cake
Ate bread and cheese
Had a 2 hour nap
Recycled plastic
Drank old water
Drove a car
Sang silly songs
Played my piano
Ate chocolates meant for someone else
Did laundry
Wished I had curly hair
Ate old crackers
Cuddled my boys
Felt cranky
Drank less tea than yesterday
Smelt Spring in the air
Flicked through a magazine
Found the top of my favourite teapot
Bought some records
Turned a blind eye to crumbs in the bed
Got wee'd on
Plucked my eyebrows
Watched Charlie write letters
Made Noah laugh
Flicked through a magazine
Enjoyed some peace and quiet
Hand-stitched wool hair
Played with a doll's house
Bought a miniature brass bath
Ate a meal at the table with my family
Leaked lots of milk
Had dinner in bed alone


  1. Sounds like a busy day to me! Ps what does one do with a miniature brass bath??!

    1. Well, good question, and quite timely! Noah was chomping on the brass bath, which I'd bought for our eclectic doll's house, and has cut his first tooth! The cold metal must have relieved the pain!

  2. Ha! Forget Sophie the Giraffe so :) Also, I read that first as 'electric' dolls house, ugh, need more sleep but my six month old is also teething and not sleeping great.... Where you get those brass baths??!


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