Friday, 23 March 2012

The humble ponytail

Finally I can wear a ponytail without looking
a) balding
b) like an alien
And it's all thanks to my fringe.
The balding is at the temples, an area which has thinned a bit in the last few years, I blame the hormones, gotta blame something. The alien aspect was because of my large forehead, combined with the thinning areas. This photo below was one of the ones that made me realise I probably need hair around my face to look good:

Yes, this is a warts-and-all blog, but that's why you love it, right?!
So a forehead-hiding fringe is a good look for me, but it requires maintenance.
When I wash it, I brush it side to side, blowdrying it straight, and over a round brush too so it doesn't lie totally flat.
The next day I spritz on some dry shampoo (just bought some mini cans of this, plus a travel brush for in-car touch-ups).

I'm looking forward to doing a retro look with clothes, make-up and new fringe hairstyle, think Imelda May, or some 40s pin-up. We have a family meal out this Sunday, so may do it for that, and will post pics. I'll probably keep the blunt fringe look (would otherwise have done victory rolls) and use a tong to get a bit more of a curl, making it shorter and rounder if that makes sense, not flat to the forehead.

So, to the ponytail...
This is every girl's easy-up hair do, a failsafe option for busy days, in-between washes, windy days, tired days, don't-want-to-look-in-the-mirror days, you name it.

A low ponytail is sleek, understated.
A mid-high pony is girly / retro in a 1950s way
A high-high pony is either high fashion or simply a free face-lift, but to be worn with either irony or youth on your side.

Some Options:
Don't pull the hair all the way out, for a more unkempt look
Twist and tuck the ponytail for a quick bun
Wear it to the side
Plait the hair and tuck in... the possibilities are endless.

Ponytails and I have had a touchy history. Ever since my best friend had her ears surgically pinned back at the age of 10 (! - and they stuck out less than mine!) I have had an issue with their prominence. I don't give a damn now, but felt like I had two landing pads on my head through my school years, and wore my hair down as much as possible to hide them. I wouldn't mind but my hearing's not even that good! So the only thing holding me back from sporting the pony as an adult has been my landing pad forehead, which has been nicely covered this week, hence the blog post!

The gold hair bobbin thing is from H&M, 2.95 euros, also have it in silver. It's a gold u-shape on a black elastic, and really easy to use. For years now I've just had normal elastics, usually black to look a little grown-up. I see scrunchies are on the way back in, but isn't the rule "If you were young enough to wear it the first time around, you're too old to wear it now" or something like that?! So this metal ponytail holder is a nice change, adding a bit of interest and flair to a simple hairstyle.

Now, to silk flowers, I have some, large and small; how the hell do you wear them without looking like a kid dressing up? Do you need curls to hide them in? I always feel a bit silly, but love the girly look of them. Advice please!

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