Saturday, 31 March 2012


How long is your cycle?
How many weeks pregnant are you?
What's your haemoglobin level?
How big is the foetus?
How much folic acid are you taking?
What's your blood pressure?
How many times does the baby kick?
How big is your belly?
How high / low is your bump?
How much weight are you putting on?
How many contractions are you having?
How dilated are you?
How fast is the labour progressing?
How is your blood sugar level?
How many pushes to get the baby out?
How soon does it breastfeed?
How many feeds a day?
How much milk is it getting?
How much weight is the baby gaining?
How much weight have you lost?
How much sleep are you getting?
How many times does the baby wake at night?
How long is the baby?
How much vitamin D is the baby getting?
What time does the baby go to sleep?
How is the baby's hearing?
What size clothes does he wear?
What time does he wake in the morning?
At what age did the baby crawl?
How many teeth has he got?
How much "solids" does he get?
What size nappies does he wear?
What time does he "go down" for you at night?
How tall is he?
How many words does he have?
How many naps does he take a day?
When did he begin to walk?
How many blocks can he stack?
How many times a day does he still breastfeed?
How long does he sleep at a stretch?
What age will he start school?
What size shoe does he take?
How many vegetables will he eat "for you"?
How many colds does he get a year?
How many letters can he recognise?
How many numbers can he recite?
How far can he throw a ball?
How many friends does he have?
How long is his hair?
What age will he sleep in his own bed?


  1. Sad thing is I find I'm often asking these questions to other mothers. It's like a script we all have to follow. Even though most times I'm not really listening to the answers ! Great list compilation. We are a world obsessed with numbers.

    1. I know, Ladybug, it's the same script from people on the street, friends, family... constantly quantifying, comparing, and for what? Each child is so different, and they change so fast, there's no point keeping track. It means nothing at the end of the day, that was my point. It's just another way we try to control the uncontrollable. thanks for the comment! x

  2. What makes him happy?
    What makes him smile?
    What's the best way to distract him?
    Which music does he dance to?
    Which of his sounds do you like best?


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