Friday, 9 March 2012

Nails of the week

Spring is here, the grass is riz, I wonder where those birdies is...
I was inspired by our sunny weather to go for multicoloured nails, imperfectly painted as they were.

My old faithful Essence nail varnish, the "multi dimension" is a bit of a lie, there is one tone in this colour, but for less than 3 euro who's counting. The middle one is an old H&M one that was a very clear fuschia to which I added an opaque white from a french manicure polish, making more of a cream pink. The mint green is the previously featured Barry M one, now gracing my kitchen cupboards too.

I think the colours work well together, they are so different yet all clear, creamy ones, no murky undertones. I did two coats of each, no base/topcoat these days; I'm short on time. It lasted a good three days, so the formulations are pretty good, then I had great fun picking it off.

I'm trying to use up my nail varnish collection, I must have 40-50 spanning the last decade, and all going strong, a couple need a drop or two of remover to thin them out, then I get another few years out of them. Anyone got any ideas for using them, apart from the obvious mani/pedi? I'm looking with interest at the knobs on our bedside drawers next...

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  1. Customized tile coasters anyone?! Might be good for a rainy day activity..?


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