Sunday, 25 March 2012

Outfit (& nails) of the week

Oh sweet Jesus, this outfit nearly killed me to put together. Between a cranky baby, hormone-addled indecision and a deadline where we had to be out of the house at a certain time, I nearly lost my reason. You should see the state of the bedroom, it's like the wardrobe has hyperemesis. Everything I tried on was either too tight, too "not me" or not breastfeeding-friendly. My style has changed a good bit in the last few years, I like to think it's improved, but I'm bored of the pretty dress / cardi combo and found it really hard to look dressy and comfortable at the same time. I still don't think I did it.

Thank god there was a Mother's Day snipe of bubbly in the fridge to chill me out, then I actually had fun getting dressed. Pre-babies, wine was my preferred dressing tipple; give me a half-bottle of rose, 2 hours to primp and I was in my element. More fun than the evening out itself.

Today we had to leave by 2pm. I started dressing at 11am, hair was already done, so I can't even blame that on taking up time. After an hour of huffing and puffing, in and out of skirts, shorts, dresses, t-shirts, my friend Wine came along at midday when Barry had a brainwave. Everything was a lot easier after that.

I'm kind of cursing the fringe now, though it is worth the blowdrying / serum / hairspray routine for the end result; I'm just not used to that much hassle. Also gave the fringe a trim, as it was kindly pointed out to me that one side was longer than the other.

I nearly wore a pin-up dress, but that would have meant tottering in heels, and it seems ridiculous to totter with a baby on your boob too, so I started with the shoes as always. I knew I wanted to wear these hidden wedge boots, and though it was hot today, decided black is always flattering. Plus the pin-up dress does not look kindly on post-baby-tummy, and the oversized black t-shirt does, so it was a no-brainer. I love the skirt, it's a bright coral with exposed gold zip on back, summer 2010's lust-have, I chased round a good few shops to get my size. I nearly wore a white blazer, but decided on the new speckled cardi, as I'm into Isabel Marant these days, and it's kind of like something I she did.

UPDATE: I totally forgot to add where the outfit is from, duh! Blame the baby-brain. Or the wine!
Black oversize jersey t-shirt:  8 euros, H&M
Coral skirt: 24 euros?, H&M (old)
Black suede hidden wedge boots: 75 euros Aldo sale
Tan tights: about 3 euros for 5 pairs, Penneys
Grey speckled oversize cardi: 15 euros, H&M sale
Gold torc necklace: 3 euros, Penneys
Grey pleather bag: 35 euros, TK MAXX

And because I sometimes feel 14, not 34, I wore a temporary tattoo. What an adolescent! I'm toying with the idea of getting a wrist one, I do this every six months or so. I know I'll go for some text, not a picture, but I bought a packet of Ed Hardy tattoos and want to use them up. Maybe I should just dress as Amy Winehouse for Halloween and save them for then. It's ridiculous looking, like a blob/bad tattoo covering an old lover's name, but I still like it. Sad, I know.

I did a light smoky eye using greys and a pale pink highlight shadow, pencilled in my brows quite dark, and only did one coat of mascara. Used a horrible lipstick as blusher. On my lips it makes me look like a corpse, on my cheeks it's the perfect rose. I wore the "All about cupcake" lipstick, which I am still in love with (Essence, under 3 euro), like your lips, only better.

Nails were painted hastily with one coat of Orly, the name of the shade has rubbed off. It's a great liquid gold in the bottle. Orly is a brand I'd ever used before, but one day in Boots, feeling flush I spent 14(!) euros on 2 of their colours, and really disappointed with both. The formulation is really thin, streaky, needs at least 3 coats to look like it does in the bottle. Plus it's way too expensive for a nail varnish. The other colour looked like a vivid neon purple in the bottle, came out a horrible burgundy, and is MATTE! I hate that. It's not even good with a topcoat. Rant over. Don't waste your money.

We had a lovely meal out with family, and I was comfortable the whole day in my outfit.
That's it for now, if anyone has any outfit suggestions please leave them in the comments below. I really need a breastfeeding-friendly dress I think - got any good links? They all seem to be really expensive. Or could I adapt a dress I already have...?


  1. Hey Niamh, not sure how 'you' these are, but I have one of these J'aime la Vie fake wrap dresses and they are fab. I wore one last summer to a wedding and am getting a new one for a Communion in May. They are quite reasonable and very stretchy for getting to the important stuff!!!! Beside these, I have 'invested' in three Boob nursi g dresses, so comfy and handy, leggings and boots and out the door - they have almost become as easy as jeans!

  2. Thanks! I've just ordered a Boob nursing dress from their outlet site, dying for it to arrive and hope to hell it fits! I'll check out the J'aime la Vie ones too, I figure I'll be nursing another few years at least, so they're worth the investment!


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