Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Outfit of the day

Today was one of those days where everything works out well, the birds are singing, I get washed, dressed and made-up, get out for a walk, have help with the kids, everything's rosy. As I write the dinner (Milano's supermarket pizza with mushrooms and olives) is in the oven, I'm drinking a beer, the kids are happy downstairs with Barry, and I'm feeling great.
Last week was a funky one in the not-seventies way, in the stinky-horrible way. This week has already been way better, whether it's because Barry's around a bit more / nobody's sick / I'm getting outdoors more / I remembered my vitamins recently or whatever. I'm not going to jinx it by going on about it, it just is. (Read a great quote from Buddhism recently; gist of it being "There is no bad or good, there just is." - Feel like David Brent doing a really bad meaningful quote here.)
Today I really enjoyed putting this outfit together, the HEELS (they are heels to me nowadays, however low they may look to you) made me feel a little dressy, the Levi's shirt like me in my teens, I love the bag, last summer's investment buy, and the trousers were filthy with mashed-in toast before I even left the house (thanks, Noah) but I didn't give a damn.

Judge not the mother in the filthy clothes, for all you know they were sparkling clean five minutes ago. We can't be changing our outfit for the odd mouthful of food / puddle of wee, sure, it all dries in and disappears (mostly- or gets scraped off).
I'm still in my Krystal Simpson phase, though I watched her in some Youtube videos and she's not as bad-ass as I'd hoped she was (girl-crush over), she's just nice, too nice. I wanted to see her moody and difficult, but she was professional and helpful. Ah well, I still covet her wardrobe.

Levi's shirt - 6 euros, charity shop
Striped top - about 8 euros, H&M last year
White vest underneath - 5 euros, H&M
Black skinny jeans - 30 euros TK MAXX last year
Suede boots - 99 euros (eek, but I love them, and way cheaper than Isabel Marant Dickers) Minelli, Paris
Striped socks, 1.50 euros Penneys
Watch - 20.49 euros Argos
Orange leather bag- 75 euros, TK MAXX (seriously the place should sponsor me)

We shopped, I walked loads, Noah in the peanut shell sling wearing a hat with monkey ears (him not me) and he got coo-ed at by every passing female, from 12 to 82 years old. I'm hating the attention he gets, having to smile and nod at everyone, my boob in view, as he's usually sucking on it. Sometimes (mostly) I feel like skulking around with nobody paying me any attention, not easy nowadays with Magoo leaning backwards out of the sling, waving madly and shouting "Halla" at everyone. Will have to teach him proper decorum in social places.

Burnt the pizza.

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