Sunday, 4 March 2012

They're no ruby slippers!

I went shopping today, looking for a little something for my birthday which is coming soon.
I saw these babies in Aldo:
They've a concealed wedge heel, and... I just like them, okay?
But they were 74.95 euros, reduced from over 100 euros (to be honest I didn't even clock the original price, over three figures loses my interest)
So what? You say.
Well, a quick google search showed them on sale in Canada on the Aldo site for 29.95 Canadian dollars (reduced from 110 Canadian dollars)
This, my friends is (checks a starting price of 84 euros reduced to 22 euros.
Are we idiots? Why are we paying three times the price for the same damn shoes?

I really want them though, they remind me of the covetable Isabel Marant Bobby's that have been gracing feet of fashionistas for the last few seasons:

Still weird, I know, but they look amazing in a I-didn't-even-try way, with skinny black jeans and any damn top you like. These Bobby's cost hundreds (over 400 euro), but it's a moot point, because they're sold out forever.

So Aldo (not telling you where!) have my size, think they may be the last ones in the shop. Will I be a schmuck and pay the 75 euros for them, reasoning that they're way cheaper than Bobby's, and I might have considered them if I hadn't checked the Canadian price.

Do I leave them, to become the "ones that got away" and think of them constantly?

Would I even wear them, as they have a heel and I'm usually "slinging" a baby where'er I go, and heels are not an option these days?

But they're springy, and weird, and I just like them.

I'll sleep on it, maybe I'll have an epiphany overnight.


  1. Well, what did you decide?! I think you deserve to treat yourself with all the hard work you do feeding the suckers ;) Have you tried eBay or Amazon for them by the way? Might be cheaper if you can find them there.

    On the topic of fashion, can you recommend any good shops for nursing tops or dresses or at least items that are suitable for nursing? Really struggling to find anything and all the clothes from my old ie pre-baby life are structured and fitted and not suitable for feeding :(

  2. Hi Ali, I blame peer pressure, between yourself and my Facebook friends, I just caved completely ;-)
    I sent my hubby out on a mad dash to get them before the shop closed this evening, he only in from work. Of course he did it gladly!
    I did check Ebay, but with shipping and all it just seemed easier to get them in the shop here.

    Re: nursing tops, I own one "nursing top", a Boob hand-me down from a friend, which I love, it washes great and has never lost its shape. I know what you mean by "all the old "me" clothes are structured", so were mine, and I can't afford to buy the nursing tops. I just have a lot of string vests/ tank tops in black or white, and wear them under t-shirts mainly, lifting up the tee and down the vest. I don't need a bra so just wear these. I get them in H&M usually for about 6 euro, they wash well, and some are good and long, and were worn thru pregnancy too! I did a video on what to wear when you're breastfeeding, on my youtube channel The Mama's Hip, hope that helps!
    Niamh x


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