Monday, 16 April 2012

Chester Beatty Library

Charlie chose "a fun day out" rather than "a fun day in". I was delighted, as this was the "long day alone" I'd been dreading. We got the bus into town, eating apples all the way, Charlie "driving" with his mind-powers, Noah alternately sucking on a boob and smiling at other passengers, the little charmer. Charlie informed me his favourite activities are "video games and comic books". He has experienced neither.

This was my first trip to the Chester Beatty library in Dublin Castle. Stunning grounds, and we sat and watched people and dogs playing for a while, eating Bourbon Creams and drinking good takeaway Bewley's coffee from a newsagents. (Recession tip: get newsagent's coffee for 1.50 instead of 2.50 in a cafe)

I spotted a few of these on the ground. Glass globes half-sunk in the cement. The child in me would have sat gazing for a half-hour easy. The child in my sling however, kicked me to get going.

A family activity pack provided the little scholar with drawing, pencils and a clipboard. Brilliant.

Charlie had absolutely no desire to see the precious rare artefacts on exhibit, so we played with the water and had lunch instead. Benefit of getting the bus is mama can drink wine with lunch! Noah was desperate to launch himself in head-first.

Charlie sat with other scholars learning about the life of the amiable Chester Beatty. He didn't want me to paraphrase the commentary. He apparently knew it all already.

A memorial garden in the grounds for Gardai, this glass sculpture was mesmerising. I'm getting better at not answering all Charlie's questions. I'm letting him answer them:
Mama - is this full of water?
What do you think?
I think no, it's glass.

Often he just wants to discuss something, and knows the answer already.
We explored the rooftop garden too, another post to follow.

A "fun day out" indeed. Home on the bus to watch "Tangled" and sing along to all the songs. Baked my first ever coffee cupcakes. Iced them with melted Easter eggs, I'm sick at the thought of all that sugar in the cupboard, but can't just dump it. Must. Eat. All.

Hope you had a lovely weekend
Niamh x

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