Friday, 20 April 2012

Chester Beatty Rooftop

This is part two of our lovely day out last Saturday at the Chester Beatty Library. Charlie and I had fun running along the brick paths, starting at different places and seeing where we would meet. This is the back of Dublin Castle, off Dame Street. We spent about an hour in the rooftop garden.

The rest of the view. If it was only one storey higher you'd see over the whole city...

A bit of time for cloud watching, I need to do this more.

Just picking up and licking stones, as you do.

We invented a pencil race game, rolling them down the slight incline. He was blue, I was pink. We both cheated, throwing the pencils to get a headstart. I won.

Kids get the best angles when they take your photo, don't they? (Not!)

Whoever thought Balamory was a good palette for colour choice when painting the back of Dublin Castle was deranged. I'm still shaking my head looking at this. If you have any explanation / know who to blame, please leave a comment below.

Charlie loves weathervanes and compasses. He knows all about navagation. We were to walk "weest" to get to the bus, apparently.

This concludes my photo tour of Chester Beatty's library. It's a great place to visit, no entrance fee, great cafe, lovely grounds. I am tempted to include the lyrics to the song we sang all day about Chester Beatty's bum, and a photo of the accompanying dance, but I feel that would be irreverent. A great man.


  1. That's a lovely blog and great pics!It really is an amazing museum-i loved the tiny little video screens showing how silk printing was done.

  2. i heard through an unnamed (but reliable) source that one of the consultant/senior OPW advisors in dublin castle ordered those buildings to be painted after going on a family holiday to disneyland. now, that's inspiration!


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