Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hardy Boys Book Haul and chatter

We scored these for 2 euros each at an Oxfam book store in town! I loved them as a kid and can't wait to read them with my kids, in a few years. For now they'll grace the bookshelf, their vintage covers already inspiring some make-believe stories, and some questions!

We've just finished watching "Finding Neverland" on Netflix, Depp and Winslet still have me scratching my head, I've come to the conclusion it's a pile of sh*te. I had to fast-forward and mute much of the maudlin music, as Charlie hates oversentimentality on the screen.

Bunkering down these days, watching the weather out the window, and keeping an eye on our vegetable seeds. I'm dying for Sunday, to see Ina May Gaskin in the flesh, and hear her words of wisdom. The Home Birth Association's 30th year conference is on Sunday in Dublin, try and make it if you have any interest in natural birth / home birth. It's always a fabulous day out, lots of information, lots of lovely people and great food and stalls too. Children and fathers more than welcome! See their website for more information

No more time to blog I'm afraid, I'm helping an impatient clown to find a wig, and have just scooped up a poo into an empty houmous tub. Yep.

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