Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mama down

I am lying on the sofa, headache, chills, joint pain, no appetite, mild fever, vomited all night, unreal nausea. Dr. Google worried me with mention of bacterial meningitis or the plague, but I'm not buying those diagnoses. Last night was like a horror film, me running to the bathroom every hour to be sick, leaving one or both children crying for me, returning to feed them back to sleep, only to wake them an hour later to repeat the process. Noah had a growth spurt/teething pain so spent the night desperately sucking and I felt like I had no milk to give. Today his gnashers are longer, so he did all that growing overnight. Sometimes I'd not make it out of bed, I'd sit up and vomit into the plastic bowl that is potty and puke-bowl as needed. Barry spent the night taking a wailing Noah into the other room letting me get a few minutes sleep here and there. I had a raging thirst and drank glass after glass of water, only to throw it back up again aa while later. I went down to the kitchen at dawn to get orange squash, and coming back up I fell asleep for a second and almost fell back down the stairs, my loss of balance waking me up. One time I ran into the bathroom, mid-puke, and the door knocked Barry and  Noah flying backwards, stumbling and almost falling into the bath. I grabbed Barry's arm as I vomited into the sink, helping him upright. We even resorted to giving baby Nurofen to Noah, hoping it would ease his pain and help him sleep (it didn't).
Preceding all this I'd had a stressful enough day, had to scoop a marble out of Noah's windpipe as he gagged, then later I cut into my fingertip with a scissors, the pain and non-stop bleeding sent me into a mild shock, which only got worse after I wolfed way too many dark chocolate Honobs. The chills and shivers led to vomiting and nausea, and the rest is history.
I'm still unsure if it's a bug I caught, or my body's reaction to two stresses, made worse that I was home alone with Noah at the time and had to carry on as normal both times. I lay on my bed, teatowel holding the fingertip closed, feeding Noah, hand raised above my heart to stem the blood loss, ringing Barry and getting fainter and woozy, worried I'd fall asleep and not be able to mind the baby. He whizzed home from the other side of Dublin, stopping for steri strips, which were brilliant until I knocked them off a few hours later and it gushed blood again.

I've recovered, the above was written a few days ago. I'm nearly back to normal, still only operating at about 80%, but that's ok. I'm taking it easy, eating well, sleeping when I can, and not going near alcohol or chocolate for a while! Loving the buds on the tree outside and the way Noah is growing into Charlie's old favourite clothes.
Hope you are all well,
See some of you at the Home Birth Conference tomorrow? I'm so excited to think Ina May will be there in the flesh.
Niamh x

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  1. You poor thing!! You have been through the wars!! Glad you are on the mend now :)

    I can sympathise as was sick with chest infection, sore throat & laryngitis for nearly 2wks & just feeling human now! My coughing was waking my 8 mth old who co-sleeps & was so bad had me vomiting :( My throat was like razor blades embedded in it, nights spent desperately uncomfortable lying immobilised with a teething baby attached, trying not to cough. My nipples were being chewed to bits day & night too as 4 teeth made their way down. I also had my wallet robbed & my partner was away working the whole time! Nightmare. 


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