Thursday, 12 April 2012

Outfit (& Hair) of the week!


Check tummy is tucked in...
The streak of pink on my cheek is not a baby-scratch, it's lipstick.
Outfit of the week!
Yay! I've been dying to do another one of these, but every damn time I'm in a decent outfit we're either leggin' it out the door, or my hair's wet, or my make-up's not done, or a baby is crying. So this was a major achievement. Well, minor in terms of global crises, but major for The Mama's Hip.

AND! I discovered how to wear a silk flower in straight hair! I have a fab new curling tongs but never the time to use it, so I thought flowers were out until I got the time to do curls. Well, I was wrong bay-beh! (It's nearly 2am, I'm seriously rambling here) So; flowers look good if you've put your hair in a style first. Sounds like Hair-styling Class 1 but it is a bit of a revelation to me. Previously I'd just been wearing my hair loose, and trying to clip in a flower here or there and wondering why it looked so crap. A little revelation, but a good one. For this chignon (or "bun" to you and me) I used a sponge scourer donut from Penney's, cost 1.50 euros. I had TIME (oh, the luxury!) and blow-dried my hair first, it looked great the next day too.

I'm wearing:
Red cropped cotton cardi - H&M - about 10 euros? (v old) this has seen me through two pregnancies, and I wore it to death when teaching dance too, it seems to suit loads of things - dresses, sleeveless tops like this, and stretches to fit my expanding upper arms when needed. A great investment. It also shows your shape better than a normal cardi to the waist.
White floral dress/top - New Look sale (this January) 12 euros. I live in dresses this shape when pregnant, never buy maternity wear, just jersey basics like this. Note: I'm not pregnant at the moment (though catch me at a bad angle and I look 7 months) I was delighted to find this as it's perfect for spring / summer, I'll brave it with bare legs once the weather improves and I get a bit more colour on them. A rare buy from New Look, the sheer size of the shop puts me off, and the prices are high for the quality.
Blue skinny jeggings - 60 euros Silence + Noise (Urban Outfitters - old) I've lived in these for the last four or so years, and have never needed another pair, these do the job perfectly and I love the colour. I just wish the waistband was an inch higher to hide the tummy better, it tends to work its way down and need hoicking up every so often. I hope I hoick clandestinely, but I can't be sure.
White vest top, H&M - 6 euros
Black ankle boots - TK MAXX 18 euros (clearance)

I wore this outfit into town with my family the other day, with my parka over it ("day out" post to come), because of the tops I had to pull both aside to feed Noah, so also wore a scarf to preserve my modesty. Didn't get kicked off the bus for daring to breastfeed in public, so it must have been ok.

Previously I might have worn ballerina flats with an outfit like this, giving it a totally different vibe. But I'm kind of in love with ankle boots for the moment, and love how they "rock up" an outfit. It would work well with sandals / wedges / converse too, each shoe giving a totally different feel to the outfit.
I hate handbags at the moment, especially when wearing Noah in the sling, so am packing the parka pockets out with nappies, wallet etc. What will I do come the summer? I'll have to pack the sling out instead. Or get a big hat, like Paddington Bear. (To hide my belongings in, not my marmalade sandwiches)

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