Friday, 25 May 2012

From play dough to pizza

The other day Charlie wanted to make play dough. I gave him a big mixing bowl, some self-raising flour and water. He stood there for a good 20 minutes, mixing, kneading, needing more water, until he had the right proportions. I helped him scrape the dough off his fingers and gathered it into a ball, which he kneaded for another few minutes. He wanted to make it into pizza, so I gave him a baking tray, oiled lightly (just not washed from the last use!) and he flattened the dough out, rolling it with a jam jar, as I couldn't find his rolling pin. Some tomato puree squeezed from the tube, oregano, cheddar grated and broccoli and we were done. He took great pride in finishing it with a sprinkling of olive oil and a grinding of black pepper. About 20 minutes in the oven and it was done, and the four of us enjoyed it for dinner with parmesan too. The base, though only flour and water, had the consistency of the cheaper supermarket ones, dense and white with no chew, but fine in a pinch. And how easy was that! I'd previously done a Jamie Oliver one, all yeast, warm water, a mountain of flour with a well of liquid needing stirring... fine if the baby's asleep and you've the energy, but a hassle nonetheless. Methinks we'll be doing the Charlie method more frequently.
Hope you're enjoying the sun!
Nee x

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