Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mama's out!

This week I had not one but two nights out. Well, evenings out. But still.
I joined a great friend for her birthday night out, and met my sister for a couple of pints after her day's work. How cool to get dressed up, do my make-up, spray perfume, and walk out the door alone into the evening air. The couple of hours did me as much good as a week's holiday. The cocktails and beer combo did nothing for my skin, but that's another story.
I love Dublin city, especially in the evening sun, when the buildings are aglow and the people are relaxing. As it's been a while since I've really taken the city in, I was struck by all the changes. Walking down Grafton Street, shops that were part of the landscape since I was a child are gone, replaced by shabbier alternatives, or nothing at all. The underground arts scene is thriving, but on the face of it Dublin is a city under siege. The recession has changed it for the worse.
Still, there remain bars and pubs where friends and family are meeting to laugh, chat, spend time texting (!) and share the craic like never before.
There is still change from a tenner for two pints, so that's something. And cocktails were only 8.50 instead of 13.00. (The last time I went drinking cocktails was obviously in the height of the boom!)
A world away from nappies and mucky fingers, where nobody was going to wipe their nose on me for a good hour or more (insert joke here), and nobody was going to suck on me either (insert raunchier joke here - I'm tired after me 2 pints!)
The breast pads (that I was about to bin as they were never used) got an outing both nights, and needed subtle insertion after about an hour and a half of being away from the babas. And coming home I was delighted to see my babies each time. I think for now my limit is three hours and two drinks.

Fake tan, fake eyelashes, fake hair... well it was my wedding day!
Some differences I've noticed pre- and post-baby going out:

Pre-baby: Shower, exfoliate, fake-tan, moisturise, pluck, shave, deodorise, perfume, body gloss, make-up, blow-dry hair, curl hair (I was high-maintenance I've realised)
Post-baby: Sniff under arms, recoil, spray perfume, apply lipstick, dry-shampoo fringe.

Pre-baby: Remove old nail varnish, apply base coat, two coats of colour, top coat.
Post-baby: Varnish over the chips.

Pre-baby: Your bra holds your boobs and two silicone chicken fillets
Post-baby: Your stretchy top holds leaking boobs and breast pads

Pre-baby: Drink a relaxing glass of wine as you try on all the clothes in your wardrobe
Post-baby: Try to relax and drink wine as you breastfeed a baby that is crawling all over you and snotting all over your clothes. Try on all the clothes in your wardrobe and settle for anything that fits. Damn biscuits.

Pre-baby: Spend a few minutes pouting at self in mirror, smiling, and checking self from all angles
Post-baby: Spouse grabs half a tissue from the back of your leg as you walk out the door. Mirror? What mirror?

Pre-baby: Head home when you have a) run out of money b) got a headache c) music's too loud
Post-baby: Head home when the party's just getting started

Pre-baby: Go anywhere in town you like, pub crawl, catch a gig, the world's your oyster
Post-baby: Complain that by walking 5 minutes to the pub you're wasting valuable drinking time, 'cuz mama's on a short leash here, guys!

Pre-baby: Your friends text the next day to say "What fun! How's the head?"
Post-baby: Your children want business as usual, entertainer-mommy from 9am-9pm

Any other pre- and post- baby changes you've noticed?


  1. This made me chuckle, can totally relate. Have the first communion coming up for my eldest and hubby just noted how odd it was that I wasn't going shopping for a new outfit and shoes or getting my hair or nails done. I told him I'd settle for baby not hanging out of my tits during the service. Am settling for anything that fits (yet to be determined) and could care less what anyone thinks once I get there at all!

    I also found myself actually enjoying the gym last week. Realised it was actually the freedom I was enjoying, not the sweating!

  2. Love this Niamh! Glad you had a nice time : ) It's great when they get that bit older so Mama can have a little break. Soooo good to come home again, batteries recharged from a bit of craic outside the usual Mama life. X


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