Saturday, 5 May 2012

Outfit of the week

I wore this the other day to go out for ice-cream. We went to Bray on a chilly windswept afternoon, hoping for the amazing Italian gelateria to be open, it wasn't. Instead the sea-front ice-cream stalls got our custom, loading up on ice-creams, gobstoppers, toffee slabs and rhubarb and custards. I am in heaven with the revival of the nostalgic sweet shops, WAY nicer than an oul' chocolate bar - give me multicoloured shite in a bag any day.

The outfit was not supposed to look like this. I look like I stuck a pair of black tights on under my pyjamas. In my defence I was going for a "sports luxe" look, desperately searching for my black leather-look shorts but couldn't find them, so wore the grey ones instead. With the grey hoody it's way too unkempt, but hey.

Black leather-look jacket: Topshop (old) about 80 euros - great versatile piece as the elasticated waist has done me through 2 pregnancies
Grey hoody: H&M men's (old) borrowed without permission from my other half
Teal racer-back oversized tee: Penny's 5 euro
Grey shorts: H&M Sports line - about 7 euros
Black vest (under) H&M - 6 euros
Black opaque tights - Penney's about 3 euros
Black suede hidden wedge sneakers - Aldo (last season) 75 euros
Black leather-look bag - TK MAXX 25 euros

I accessorised further with a 10 month old in a Peanut Shell sling, and nursed "over top" (ie. boob out) all the way down the windy prom. A glass of prosecco and a panini in Campo dei Fiori's cafe was a lovely lunch, and made up for not having the italian ice-cream we'd hoped for. Lazy days indeed.

Yes, I am standing outside the men's public toilets for the photo.
No, I was not propositioned.


  1. I think ya look great! Came across your blog from a post on fb after hb conference and think it's great!

    1. Thanks a million, lovely to have a new reader! I checked out your blog too, and will be checking in regularly! Congrats on your beautiful family! x


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