Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Outfit of the week

A few hurried shots of my outfit yesterday. The black dress is by Boob Design, I got it in their outlet section, it's the "Before and after dress" (40 euros), ruched at the sides, allows for maternity and post -maternity wear. Best of all there's a flap you lift up to nurse from, so a great all-rounder. Get it here. I wear a size 12 and the Medium is perfect on me. They charged 15 euros shipping, so it was 55 euros total, it's made from nice jersey and washes well. I've seen it way more expensive on other sites (70 odd euros before shipping) I think it's cheapest to buy direct from Boob.

Pink packaging was so pretty I wanted to keep it!

I wore it with leggings and my faithful boots, and wore my biker jacket over it. No bag needed as I've got pockets for money and phone. My fringe was having an off day, I'd worn it to the side the previous day and it misbehaved. Baby was crying at my feet hence my forced smile.
Dress - 40 euros Boob design
Jacket (old) - 80 odd euros Topshop
Boots (old) - 120 euros Schuh
Leggings (topshop- old) present

Hope you're all well and enjoying the sunshine! x

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