Saturday, 9 June 2012

Babies don't stay small for long

Grimy grubby baby hands
Tiny tubby baby hands
Soft and sweaty
Warm and sticky
Always poking something icky

Pointing finger, squeezing muck
Smallest places, never stuck
Scratchy nails and scrabbling free
Leaving marks all over me

Solid baby's feet are plump
Little toes like little stumps
Those nails never need a-cuttin'
Crawling 'round, their growth is nuttin'

Standing wobbly, toesies bent
Letting go as if he meant
Someday soon he'll start to walk
Soon after he'll start to talk

Grimy grubby baby hands
Grab me close, my biggest fans
Sweaty little baby feet,
But to me always smell sweet

Warm and soft, pale and new
How my other baby grew,
Hear me now, and this my song
Babies don't stay small for long


  1. Love it!!! Shared it on my FB and Twitter :)

  2. Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. I'm not a frequent commenter but wanted to say I missed your posts over the last week - hope all is okay.


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