Monday, 18 June 2012

My new passion!

I've been baking up a storm the last few weeks!
Vanilla cupcakes made with my own vanilla extract, mandarin cupcakes, red velvet, space cupcakes for father's day, icecream cone cupcakes, elderflower cupcakes... My ass is expanding as my other half has admitted he's NOT A CAKE FAN!!! I'm considering divorce on the grounds of false pretences. Luckily I've been baking with friends and family around to sample the goods, but I'm not adverse to whipping up a batch in the name of "research" and wolfing it "da sola" as they say in Italia.
Guerrilla baking is OUT! Measuring ingredients is IN, as I'm perfecting my recipes with a little business in mind. I'll come out with it in a few weeks when it's all set-up.

Other than that Noah's been having a growth spurt, it's lasted the last 5 days or so, he's never off the boob, which means the extra cake calories are being nicely dealt with, thank you. Charlie turned 4 and got a brill scooter from the whole family, a maxi micro, which makes walks way easier, no more complaining about tired legs, he can go for miles on this thing! We bought it in Nimble Fingers, a beautiful toyshop in Stillorgan, a favourite haunt of mine as a child. I'll post a photo as soon as I
a) replace the broken lcd screen on my camera
b) upload the photos off my phone onto my laptop - need to find the cable
c) get my laptop working again

As you can see, technophobes live in this house. And our UPC box got banged one too many times by Noah and is on the blink, And we've lost the tv remote, an ipod too, (blame Noah again) we're resorting to WALKING UP TO THE TV TO SWITCH STATIONS MANUALLY! It's like a bad 1970s sitcom here.

Today I hammered trellis onto our front wall, so the 1-foot honeysuckle plant will be encouraged to thrive. Planted out two sunflower plants and tidied the garden after weeks of it annoying me with it's mess.
Prosecco time!

Hope you're all well,
Niamh x


  1. Oh my god, Nimble Fingers, blast from the past!! We used to get to go and look around as a treat after being dragged around the shopping centre!
    I passed it a while ago recently going into Kramers with a voucher, meant to go back and have a looksee!

  2. Hurraaayyy, you're back! And happy birthday to the gorgeous Charlie. x


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