Friday, 6 July 2012

Hair of the week!

Oh the tack of the leopard-print and the red tips, I belong behind a bar.

Take me seriously, despite my clobber.

Just wanted to share my new hair colour with you all, and apologies for the sporadic postings the last while. Thanks for continuing to check in here.
The Mama's Hip is all about saving money where possible, so you're gonna love this one if you're as thrifty as me.
A bottle of red food colouring! About 1 euro something in your local supermarket!

I was really bored last night, googling hairstyles, ogling Gwen Stefani, my ultimate girl/mama crush. Toying with ideas for a new tattoo, but I'm dithering between three ideas and three places to put it, so I decided a semi-permanent change was a better idea for the moment. Plus nice tattoos do not come cheap, and food colouring does. So, decision made, I woke up today and dyed my hair. The last time I did any colour change was a wash in/wash out brown which only made my hair a dull copper all over. That was over a year ago, so I'm well back to my natural colour (ginge with a bit of blonde from the sun)

How to do it:
I split my dry hair in two from front to back and tied it in two low ponytails. Using the standard hairdresser's equipment of a baby feeding bowl, two sandwich bags and blusher brush, I emptied the food colouring into the bowl, put one ponytail into a bag and painted the ends with the colouring. Repeated with the other one. Bagged up the hair using more bobbins/elastics and left it for three and a half hours. Then I blowdried it, wrecking a brush in the meantime.

WARNING: This is not colour-fast! Noah just drooled on my upper arm and it's now stained red. I'll be shampooing it before I lie my head on a pillow tonight, I tells ya! My brush will need a soaking in v.v. hot water and shampoo before it forgets its scarlet ordeal.

I dunno if it will last long, but it would be great for a night out, concert / festival etc, only not one where you might be rained on / have a drink spilled on your head (well, I don't know what kind of crowd you're hanging with, mama!) Team this with Sunshimmer fake tan, stand in the rain and be the envy of your friends as you drip rivulets of brown and red, like Carrie only... it's you. Hours of fun!

I'll photograph this tomorrow and show you the damage after one shampooing. I'd ideally love it to fade to a lovely pink, but I think you'd only get that if your hair was bleached white first. Knowing me it'll be bright orange, then mucky Irn-Bru, then back to me old faithful.

I've oft thought of experimenting with shop-bought/salon semi-permanent colours, but the levels of chemicals and the need to skin-test makes me a bit wary. So this is for now a viable option for me to get my kicks hair-wise and not commit to anything major. Not so with the tattoo. I'm gonna embrace that permanent change with an open heart. Heart! Now that's another idea...

Ps I've found the perfect red lipstick, after many years of not-so-diligent searching. I'll share anon.

DISCLAIMER: This is how I did it, and it worked for me. I am not telling you to do the same. I do not accept responsibility for any advice taken that messes up your egyptian cotton/ 5000 thread count sheets or silk blouse.
DISCLAIMER'S DISCLAIMER: Disclaimers are ridiculous. We are all adults here. Why must I add a damn disclaimer?!

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  1. ooo food colouring - good idea! When I was in primary school we simply used some paints on our hair :)
    there's something I want to try but need some time - you may like it with your adventurous attitude ;)

    looking good with those red tips!


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